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At Urban Waxx…ALL we do is wax.  And, we wax everything!

We often get asked: “What is your most popular service?”  The answer is easy: The Brazilian!   

Out of all the services that we offer, and you can see the entire list right here, the Brazilian wax is by far the most requested service. So let’s break it down!

First off: what is a Brazilian?  A Brazilian wax is the removal of all of the hair in the pubic region.  For women, that means taking everything off in the front, the butt crack, the labia…the whole shebang.  Some gals choose to leave a patch of hair behind, some choose to go completely bare.  In the 11 years since we have opened, there has definitely been a movement toward “all off.”  However, we always have a conversation with our guests about what their preference is!  Want to go bare? No problem.  Leave a little landing strip? Sounds good!  A triangle…? Sure!  Inverted triangle!  Let’s make it happen!

We have guests of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders visit us at Urban Waxx, and we are always so happy and excited to talk to someone about what we do.  We love to wax, and we never forget that you are trusting us with your most intimate parts!  To us, we wax all day, everyday, and literally nothing phases us.  But we never forget to treat the entire experience with the utmost in care and professionalism.  Our goal is to completely eliminate all of the fear and insecurity for our guests, so that they walk out feeling like a million bucks! 

Another question we get asked all of the time: Do we wax men?  Our answer: Heck, yeah we wax men!  Our most popular service for our male guests?  You guessed it: the Brazilian!  A male Brazilian offers the same options: all off?  Leave a strip or patch of hair?  We always have a consult at the beginning of each wax to ensure each guest receives exactly what they are looking for!

We strive to make everyone who walks through our doors feel totally welcome and totally comfortable.  We love answering questions about waxing.  Is there something that you are curious about?  First, check out FAQ page.  We address a lot of questions that we hear every day.  If something is not listed, please reach out!

Pre- summer is the perfect time to try something new…like a Brazilian wax!  We can’t wait to see you!