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Did you know that using a body wash instead of a bar soap helps to prevent ingrown hairs? Well, now you do! Especially when it is a body wash that is paraben free, 100% vegan, uses no animal testing, and has no artificial anything!

We found a body wash that is pretty much perfect. After much late night web searching, I came across Pattern Body Wash. It is a very small company, with less than 20 retailers across the US. All they do is this amazing body wash. It comes in four delicious scents: Eucalyptus, Citrus, Cucumber, and Black Pepper. It’s really hard to decide which scent I love the most, but at the moment, I love the Black Pepper for my body and the Cucumber for my face. That’s right, you can use it as a FACE WASH too! And it leaves my face and whole body feeling absolutely clean, soft and wonderful!

Another cool thing about Pattern: When I spoke to Jim, the Manager, about our opening order, he told me that because the best way to sell a product is to use it and love it, he would send each of the Urban Waxx staff a free full sized bottle in whatever flavor they liked the most! Now that is a company that stands behind their company!

Pattern Body Wash $20 at Urban Waxx