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A year ago I decided that I wanted to start teaching Licensed Estheticians how to give a good Brazilian. A damn good Brazilian, I might add. I have found over the past few years that a lot of Esthetics schools do NOT focus on waxing, most notably the Brazilian wax. A lot of students leave school completely unprepared to do a bikini wax, let alone give an amazing Brazilian. I found that I was dedicating a lot of my time with new hires training them to be great waxers. So, I decided to start teaching classes. I taught 2, and they were great. However, life got in the way, super busy summer waxing season, Stella getting bigger, etc. etc. I put the classes on hold.

Well, flash forward to now. I get calls and emails at least once a week from people wanting or needing to learn how to give a great Brazilian. So I realized again that there is definitely a need for this type of training. But I want to do it a little differently this time. I have decided to start holding private training courses, one on one. That way I get a ton of individual time with the student, and after I demo, the student will get so much hands on time. I have done several of these classes recently and I think that they are much more effective.
If you are an Esthetician interested in a Brazilian wax class, you can either call Urban Waxx and ask for me, or you can email me at shannon@urbanwaxx.com.

Happy Waxing!