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I love sleek websites and exciting products. I mean, really, who doesn’t? In a small business like ours, professional marketing materials are vital. We are always on the lookout for companies that are doing great things and that could potentially supply us with great products in the future.

Liam showed me the coolest promotional website, ever. Honestly, I know that if Liam thinks that a site is cool, it’s legit. It’s called PureButtons.com. PureButtons is an Ohio-based, promotional product company that specializes in pinback buttons (but offers many other great variations of that product). Buttons are great as giveaways at tradeshows and are also a great way to help your logo be seen all around town. So, keep your eyes open for some extra adorable Urban Waxx propaganda on a lapel near you…

Just recently the PureButtons folks started a new venture called, StandOutStickers.com. They realized there was a demand for full color, any-shape-diecut stickers at a reasonable price with quick turnaround…So, they started making that exact product. You can get full-color stickers printed in *any shape* with *any image*. Just think how cute your logo will look in full-color sticker form. Too cute!

If you are ever in need of buttons or stickers, check out www.purebuttons.com & www.standoutstickers.com…Tell them Urban Waxx sent you!