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Well, it’s official: I was lied to when I moved to Portland. Everyone that I talked to told me it NEVER snows in Portland, and if it does just for one day, and only a little bit. Well, I am sitting here for the 4th day of being snowed in. It snowed a foot yesterday! A foot! And the worst part is that I had to close UW for 2 days in a row! That kills me. I can’t even tell you how that kills me.

As a business owner, I have daydreamed of running a 24 hour business, servicing anyone who may want a wax at any time of the day or night. I love businesses who have extended hours. So when we opened, I was determined to be open every day, and for long days. I think it’s silly that so many businesses are open from 9-5, I mean, how do people with jobs get anything done? 
Anyway, the weather has really frustrated me this week. The thought of one of our clients out there with an appointment and unruly brows or an overgrown bikini not being able to come in because of the snow is so upsetting! Not to mention the fact that I miss seeing UW! I haven’t been there since last Wednesday and frankly, I miss it! 
Or maybe it’s just the fact that I have been snowed in with no junk food. Eating brown rice for 4 days can really wear on a gal, you know?
Anyway, if anyone reads this: please send cookies! 🙂