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In the spring, as I have blogged about previously, I was trying my hat at teaching Brazilian waxing. Well, I did a few classes at Urban Waxx, and they were pretty great! But, then the summer came and it got really busy, and then life got in the way and the classes got put on a shelf for a while. But, I did become connected with the lovely and talented Beatrice Van, who is the Esthetics instructor at the Portland Aveda Institute. We struck up a friendship and I have spoken to the classes at Aveda three times now. I love meeting with the girls! 

It’s hard to remember back to when I was in Esthetics school. It seems like so long ago. And, for the record, the Esthetics school that I attended was nothing like the Aveda Institute. The Aveda Institute is absolutely a beautiful facility, and so well run. But my favorite thing about chatting with the students is their absolute, unbridled enthusiasm for their future career. I love that! They are all ready to charge out into the world and set it on fire. That is something that you can lose along the way when you have been in the business for a long time.
At Aveda, I basically go in and talk to them about anything that is on my mind, from opening and running a business, dealing with coworker and clients, the financial side of it, our mission statement, working with unethical employers, etc. etc.. And I always tell them to ask me any question, that nothing is off limits. I thought it was pretty funny that one of the girls asked me how much Urban Waxx made last year! But how do you know things if you don’t ask?
At the school, they also offer an entire line of services, from hair to facials, all at discounted prices because students are working on you. But I can tell you that I got a facial there and it was wonderful! They use all of the Aveda products and techniques, and the girls are just so cute.