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You may have noticed, if you have visited us at Urban Waxx lately, that we have expanded our retail selection greatly. When we first opened, almost 2 years ago, we really only had one shelf of retail, and I wasn’t really IN LOVE with any of it. In fact, I wasn’t in love with selling retail at all. I hate walking into a store and being completely bombarded by desperate salesgirls trying to hustle me. However, my thinking has definitely evolved when it comes to retail. I absolutely love having cool, Portland based things in Urban Waxx. We have Pacifica body products which are based in Portland, as well as some small local businesses like Flood Clothing, PinUp Brenda prints and magnets and the most recent addition: Akala Organics lip balms. All of these companies are local and independently owned by super cool Portland ladies.

Of course I also love to have products that make your waxing experience better. First and foremost is our own product, Serious Serum, which is amazing and a huge seller. Everyone who gets waxed should have a bottle in their bathroom. In fact, everyone should have a bottle, period! It’s an amazing exfoliant that contains 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids. You can use it on your face to clear up breakouts and smooth fine lines, on your body to get rid of chicken skin on the back of your arms and legs, guys can use it on their beards, and of course, anywhere you have waxed to prevent ingrowns. We also have an array of manual exfoliators, like exfoliating gloves, body brushes, loofahs, you name it!

Anyway, do you have any suggestions about something that you would love Urban Waxx to carry? We often get great retail ideas from clients, who have seen or used something and think it would be a great fit. If so, email me at shannon@urbanwaxx.com. And happy shopping!