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Summer is, as you may have deduced, the busiest season for a waxing salon. When the weather turns sunny and clear, for the 3 days that it happens every summer (slight exaggeration) people FREAK out and want to get waxed. We love this! However, it also presents a bit of a challenge. People get very annoyed when they call to get a last minute Brazilian and we have no open appointments…for 2 weeks. Yes, that can be frustrating, for sure.

What to do? Well, the first and best option is for you to book in advance. We always suggest that if you come in for a wax, you schedule your next appointment before you leave. That way you are guaranteed the exact day and time that suits you.
The second option is ask to be put on our waiting list. Yes, we have a waiting list and we LOVE to use it. So, say you need a same day bikini wax or a last minute brow wax. You call and there is no openings at all. We will ask if you would like to be put on our cancellation list. So many times, we have openings during the day that we LOVE to fill. We will give you a call and you can get your wax fix. It’s a win-win!

Also, don’t forget about our Tanasbourne location. They are getting very busy out there, but still not quite as jam packed as the Northwest spot.

Remember: we LOVE to wax and we HATE to turn people away. We promise that we always try to get everyone in and waxed and on their merry way. We love you guys!