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I spend a lot of time thinking about our guests, and how to make their experience the best ever. Is it the tiny details, like the pre-appointment wine or mimosa, or the handful of Jelly Bellies on the way out? Maybe. Is it the sweet smelling retail products that we have to peruse before your wax? Possibly. Is it our team? Absolutely.

You know what was brought to my attention recently? We have a lot of employees at Urban Waxx that were once guests! I loved thinking about that! That means that someone came into Urban Waxx and loved the experience so much, that they decided they wanted to work here! Some of them are now GEMs, and some of them even decided to go to Esthetics School and become Waxxers. That really speaks volumes about the Urban Waxx experience.

I LOVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. There. I said it. I love over the top customer service. I love walking into my local Starbucks and Patrick, my go-to barista says: “5 shot iced latte, Shannon?” I love being remembered. I mean, don’t we all? Doesn’t it feel good to be recognized when you go to the same store over and over? Doesn’t it make us feel like less of a number and more of a person?


Great customer service is SO easy, and also, sadly, I fear is a dying art. When we hire, whether it be GEMs or Waxxers, we focus on their personality. Are they quick to smile, are they eager to please, are they just generally fun to be around? Are they someone that you would want to grab a drink with or have on your kickball team? Then we want them on our team.

People always say, when I tell them that I have about 80 employees, all female: “Wow! That must be a lot of drama.” And you know what? It isn’t. Our team is remarkably drama free. Our team is full of all different types, and ages, and backgrounds, and they all have a singular love in common: customer service. They love to please. They love to have fun. They love to laugh.

After ten years of Urban Waxx, so many of our team members have become close friends, have watched each other get married, have babies, laugh, cry…you name it. Our Core Value #6 is “We Are Family,” and that is really true. Our team really loves each other.

We have Megas at Urban Waxx. What is a Mega, you ask? It’s a team event! Some of our favorites are our yearly Halloween party (we REALLY get into costumes at UW), our movie nights (one of my favorites was when we rented out Living Room Theaters and watched Magic Mike XXL…that was a fun one).

We have also done scavenger hunts, karaoke parties, Winter Formals, bowling parties, wreath making classes, craft classes…you name it. Also, we love team sweats, like yoga and MegaBurn. My personal favorite was the Warrior Dash last October. That was soooooo fun and so muddy and hard.

We have grown from 5 people in 2007 (including me) to where we are now. So many people have come through our doors! So many different types of personalities! It is really fun to see people walk through the door on their first day and then see them a few months in, when they get comfortable, and they get to show a little of their real selves! These girls are just SO amazing and creative and dynamic!

At Urban Waxx, we really strive to connect with our guests. That means from the moment you click on the website or call one of the locations, to the first few moments of your service, to your check out…you should feel taken care of. That will NEVER happen if the team isn’t happy! Have you ever walked into a store and you immediately feel…depressed? Like the energy is just down? I have. And I really never feel that when I walk into Urban Waxx. The vibe is always pretty fun, and like you are seeing friends!

I have found that most of the team has a few things in common. Besides loving to give great customer service, these gals love to have a good time. They also love a photo booth and a chocolate fountain. And a dance party! They are FUN! And I think that you can feel that fun when you walk through the door.

I just love them. And you will too. xo