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Our bed. 9.5 hours of sleep…ahhh!

Ok maybe not saved my life, but pretty close. Do you ever just feel overwhelmed, and stressed, and every request that anyone makes of you leads to complete annoyance at the world? Well, if your answer is “no” then you are a better person than me. Sometimes all I want is silence. And sleep. And a giant glass of Pinot Noir. And a team of incredibly lovely people waiting on me. Ok, that last one was pure fantasy, but guess what? I got ALL of those things for 24 hours at a heavenly spot a mere 30 minutes away from Portland. The Allison Inn and Spa. Love. It.

I blogged a few months ago about how my delightful Urban Waxx team threw me a surprise baby shower. Now, anyone who knows me will report that I deeply dislike all things shower related. I do enjoy throwing the occasional baby or bridal shower, but sitting in a roomful of ladies wearing a hat made out of gift wrap and opening gifts with an audience is NOT my idea of a swell time. When Stella was born I refused anything shower related, so I thought it was pretty sneaky when the ladies threw me a little shin-dig. Actually, it was fun and delightful. And the most delightful part was the amazing gift that they gave me: a night’s stay at The Allison Inn!


Afternoon snack. Love it!

We finally finagled some poor suckers into watching Stella and Dino for the night (my brother and his girlfriend), and we headed to The Allison yesterday. Oh wow, it’s pretty fabulous. The Inn itself is so incredibly elegant. Every detail is thought of, from the water features that are everywhere to the local artwork that is on almost every wall. The service is beyond perfect. As you know from reading my blog, I am pretty much obsessed with customer service. I abhor bad service and I swoon when it’s good. The service at The Allison is excellent. Everyone is so warm and friendly. I really want to move in. I wonder if I could run Urban Waxx holed up in a room at The Allison? Could I possibly write that off…? Hmmm.

My favorite part of the stay was visiting the spa. It is really opulent. The spa is 15,000 square feet of completely tasteful luxury. The services were amazing, (yes my darling team also treated me to a massage and facial…sniff, sniff…I love them) but I was just so thrilled to sit in the lounge in a plush robe drinking cucumber flavored water. Bliss.

Well, all I can say about my stay at the Allison is that it made me feel completely refreshed. I had time to just think, and sleep, and drink that giant glass of local Pinot Noir that I was dreaming about. So, go there. Go now. Being surrounded by such beauty and serenity can really make a gal feel ready to face the world.


I have a new love and it’s The Allison. It was seriously one of the best gifts I have ever received. I am obsessed. In fact, my obsession may be bordering on unhealthy. I may start making The Allison uncomfortable with my overtures. But really, who can blame me? xoxo