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At Urban Waxx not only do we want to give you the best wax ever, we also want to share our favorite products ever – all of which (conveniently for you) make AMAZING gifts! Plus did you know we will gift wrap any of your Urban Waxx-bought gifts while you’re having a waxing treatment done? It’s our holiday treat to you this season.


After all, Urban Waxx was created around a very simple philosophy: do one thing and be the best at it. Our group of super talented and trendy Smooth Operators, who demand perfection in their products, have selected the Urban Waxx best of the best for holiday gifts this year.


1.) The Archipelago Candles in Macaroon and Caramel. These dreamy, all natural, soy candles are available in the most delicious holiday scents you’ve ever experienced, filling your home with fluffy baked Macaroons or sweet and silky Caramel. Ummm, yes please! $12 and $30.


2.)  Body Butter by Pacifica will work wonders transforming dry and tough winter skin into soft, smooth skin (especially if you’ve had your regular waxing treatment!) Not to mention – this body butter transports you to far away places with the  amazing scents. $14


3.) Whip your face into flawless shape this season with One Fine Day Shea Sugar Flawless Face Polish. This dynamic duo cleanser and exfoliator is a refreshing update to your daily routine and will replenish your face, giving you a dewy complexion that radiates youthful light for the holidays. $25


4.) We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our Serious Serum is seriously awesome. This multipurpose serum was created to treat ingrown hairs post waxing, but it also clears up breakouts (no one wants a Christmas-morning face full of blemishes!) and exfoliates and soothes rough or bumpy skin – a perfect gift for any guy or gal in your life who has ever asked Santa for perfect skin. $25


5.) Give the gift of glitz this holiday with the Butter London Nail Polish Set! This three-piece Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Lacquer Collection features hues in holiday red, metallic silver and deep purple. After all, no holiday look is complete without festive tips and toes. $36


6.) Maintaining brows can be such a chore if you don’t have the right products. This season the Billion-Dollar Brows 3 in 1 Set will give you the right tools to condition with brow boost, color with universal brow pencil and control with gel. Now go get ready for your holiday close-up… $32


7.) Treat your best gal pal to the seriously amazing services of the Urban Waxx Smooth Operators with our signature Brow Wax. This painless, very necessary beauty treatment will update your look and open up the eye and shape your face – all in the chic comfort of our three spa locations throughout Portland. Holiday shopping bonus alert – we will wrap any of your Urban Waxx-bought gifts (for free!) while you have your treatment! $22


8.) Give the gift of bling with Earrings by Amber. These locally and hand made pieces add a touch of sparkle to any outfit, whether in a large hoop or small stud. Prices vary from $28 to $45.


9.) This holiday, tell your friends to get dirty to get beautiful. With the Splendid Dirt Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin, sensitive skin has met its mask. Tame your red, blotchy, even oily skin with this soothing treatment. Splendid Dirt is a natural, nutrient rich enzyme mask made with pumpkin puree that boosts overall radiance by deeply cleansing pores. $20


10.) Give the gift of relaxation this winter with the Mini Me! Bath Ice Cream Set. Bath Ice Creams contain a unique six-oil blend of purifying minerals, salts, and indulgent fragrances. We think they make the perfect stocking stuffers for moms and sisters – and don’t forget to sneak one in your own stocking. You deserve it after all that shopping! $32