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So, we open in Tanasbourne in exactly a week. Looking around at the space, does it look like we are ready? Uhh, no.

When we opened the first Urban Waxx in Northwest, not even 3 years ago, it was a similar scenario. I took appointments at my old location all day on a Sunday, and at the end of my day I recruited friends to help me move everything to the new location. We were there until 3 am hanging window treatments. Ahh, maybe this is where his current stress is stemming from! I was pregnant when I opened the first Urban Waxx as well, and the stress combined with a first time pregnancy made me less than lovely for him to deal with.

This time, it is much more smooth, but really, nothing can get set up until the contractors are done and out of there. So far the walls are up, doors are in, floors are in, bathroom is finished, and the electrical is 95% complete. I did notice yesterday that the plugs in all of the rooms are at the wrong height, so who knows when that will be completed. Deep breath. Today the ceiling tiles go in and at that point we can, in the words of Kolan, my contractor, get in there and “tinker around.” So that means that this week all the furniture, the wall art, the tables, the wax pots, the front desk, the computers, the retail shelves, the retail…and on and on. But it’s fun, to me. It’s exciting to see the place go from a dry cleaners to a place where there will be so much love and laughter and amazing memories.

What I love the most about Urban Waxx, and creating another Urban Waxx, is the fact that it is so personal. It’s so very me, in every nook and cranny. That can be extremely exciting, but also very scary. I imagine it’s what every business owner goes through when they see their dream vision come to fruition. No one wants to have a baby and then have everyone tell you that your baby isn’t so great. It’s the same thing with opening a business, except for your baby never grows up, and people always have an opinion about your business baby.

The last few years have been an absolute joy and blessing with Urban Waxx, our clients, and the amazing staff that I have had the pleasure of working with. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 3 years! xxoo