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At Urban Waxx we say: The wax will bring you in the door, but the experience will last a lifetime.  We believe that to be true, because we see it every day.

Urban Waxx is a group of women and men that have been brought together for the same purpose.  We all love to craft a beautiful experience for our guests.  It starts with the moment that you call one of our salons or visit our website or our social media.  In fact, maybe this is your first time visiting us!  We try to convey the feeling of Urban Waxx before anyone walks through our doors.  At Urban Waxx we want to give a pampering retreat that is also completely un-stuffy or pretentious.  We love to have fun, we love to connect with our guests with laughter and kindness, and we love delivering over the top guest service.

When you walk through the doors at any of our salons you will be greeted quickly by one of our Guest Experience Managers (or GEMs 💎).  We have given our receptionists this title because they do so much more than greet our guests! They are an integral part of the entire experience.  Our GEMs are the first face you see or the first voice you hear, and they are the last, too!  They are highly trained and ready for any question or situation that may arise!

A GEM will offer you a beverage (we have so many…red or white wine, mimosa, La Croix, tea…we like to hit all the bases) and show you to our lounge.  Here you can sit and relax and catch up with a good magazine while enjoying some complimentary snacks.  Are you a fan of M&Ms? Well, we have you covered! Jelly-Belly jelly beans and tasty snack mix are also here to give you a little treat before your service.  You can also spend some time browsing our beautiful products. We spend a lot of time curating the perfect blend of beautiful products for your bath, body, and home.

When your Waxer greets you, she will introduce herself to you, and then lead you to your private wax room.  We will go over the treatment with you, discuss past experiences, and then begin!  Our Waxers are all highly trained and skilled, and we have the best Waxers in Oregon and Washington at Urban Waxx.  What is more important than how technically skilled they each are, they are all at Urban Waxx because of who they are, and of what their unique personalities bring to the team.  We love happy team members.  We love people who enjoy people, love their work, and are uplifting for their team and you!  Gone are the dark, scary days of going into a dark wax room with a Waxer who barely engages you while you receive your painful wax! No, no, NO!  At Urban Waxx you will end up laughing, chatting, and totally engaged during your wax, and before you know it…you are finished! We believe that everyone should be getting a great wax in a beautiful clean facility with a Waxer who is thrilled to see you!

We love waxing and we love talking about waxing.  Are you nervous?  Never fear! We have done this thousands and thousands of times!  We love answering questions, we love setting our guests at ease.  And we love people!

What makes Urban Waxx so unique is our commitment to YOU and to each other.  We are a team, and our team functions beautifully together.  At Urban Waxx we take the guest experience very seriously, and we ensure that everyone walking through our doors is receiving the same warm, friendly, and fun experience.

All of our guests use Urban Waxx for different reasons, and they are all reasons that are important to them!  Some guests just need to run in really quick for a wax.  Some love their Waxer and use the time as a little therapy/catch up session!  Some want to come early and unwind in the lounge with a mimosa and some snacks before the wax.  We are here for all of it!  We want Urban Waxx to be the little mini-vacation that YOU need!

The wax is the beginning…but the relationship will last forever!  We can’t wait to start a relationship with you! ❣️