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Yesterday I was in my local Safeway standing on line at the Starbucks. There was, of course, Christmas music being piped in. As I do all season long, I was singing along to Stella, who was looking at me with mild amusement. The man in front of me turned around and looked at us. I felt a little sheepish, and clammed up immediately. “Oh, no.” he said. “It’s nice.” I laughed a little, and told him I wasn’t sure how nice Stella thought that it was. I’m sure there will come a day when I sing to Stella and she rolls her eyes at me. “No, you just reminded me so much of my Mom right then,” he continued. He turned away after he said that, and I could tell that he was a little emotional. It made me feel…well, so sad for him. I wanted to give him a hug, ask him about his Mom, buy him a coffee. Instead, I patted his arm and told him he was sweet and to have a wonderful day.

I always tell the girls at UW about the power of our words. The thing that I love most about seeing clients every day is the connection that we have. That is really a gift. Our clients open up to us, tell us their secrets, laugh and cry with us. Seems odd that something as relatively everyday like waxing can open up that door. But it does. And it has made me realize how much people need that interaction. The kind words that you say to someone, whether it be to my client, or the bagger st Safeway, or the man missing his Mom on the line at Starbucks, those words resonate. Sometimes the things we say to people may be the only nice thing that that person has heard in days, or weeks.
I have blogged before about one of my MOST favorite books, “The Four Agreements.” One of the Agreements is “Be immaculate with your word.” I try to use this agreement every day. Sometimes, well, sometimes my Jersey gets the best of me and I forget to be kind. But then I try to remember that the people around me should be uplifted by what is coming out of my mouth, not dragged down. And, especially the littlest person around me, Stella. She more than anyone needs a mother who is immaculate with her words. 
How did I get all of this from a 2 minute interaction at Starbucks? Well, I’m still thinking about what that man said about his Mom. I doubt he is remembering it, or blogging about it, but his words definitely affected me. Again, I am struck by how much what one person says can stay with us. And I’m going to pay it forward.