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And by “L,” I mean people who have names that start with the letter L. And by “people” I mean my dear friends (and the Creatives of the Urban Waxx team), Liam and Lexi.

I have spoken about Liam many times in this blog. We met 5 years ago when I was still in the ActivSpace solo style, and he was renting a space for his freelance graphic design business. Besides his graphic design acumen he is scary smart and one of the funniest people I have ever met. He and I have worked together since the inception of Urban Waxx. When I tried to create my own marketing materials (one infamously featured the word receive spelled “recieve”), Liam gently offered his services, and we have been like peas and carrots ever since. Or, if I had my preference, mint and chocolate. You get the idea.

Liam has designed and redesigned everything that is involved with Urban Waxx. He created our logos, our business cards, our original website and the current website, the bottles for Serious Serum, every t-shirt that we have produced…do you see a trend? He’s great, because I will say “I want it sort of like this” and give him some vague place to start, and he will come back with 3 or 4 solid ideas that I can easily say yay or nay to. He has been a pleasure to collaborate with since the getup.

Enter Lexi. Lexi and I were both had a child in the same montessori class, and each day during pick up we would chat it up. We became close friends, and she has become a serious creative force in my life. Have you ever met someone that has such fantastic taste, that the more you start hanging out the more you start to see things through their eyes? Well, that has happened with Lexi. She is a designer, by trade, and worked at the NW interior design firm Maison for years, before giving it up to have to adorable minis. Lexi began to help me with my home first, a pillow here, and light fixture there, and about a month ago, we decided to work together to dial in the design focus of Urban Waxx.

When I started Urban Waxx, it was seriously done on a shoe string. I had NO idea the cost and time involved in opening a business. I did everything so that it would be chic and functional and extremely, extremely cost effective. I sort of cherry picked ideas that I likes and threw them together because they were pretty and made me feel good, but not because there was any sort of cohesive feel to what I wanted to do. Over the years I have replaced and upgraded everything from the paint to the doors to the magnifying lamps in the rooms. When we opened Tansabourne, we used the same basic feel of the NW location.

Well, here we are 5 years into it. Looking around Urban Waxx, I still love it, and still love what we have created. However, we have evolved. We are different from where we were 5 years ago. Instead of 4 employees there are 26 (soon to be more). Instead of 15 or 20 clients in the NW location every day there are 70. It’s pretty crazy. And we are moving forward, always moving forward.

I sat down with Liam and Lexi last week and we had a serious brainstorming session about where we want to go with Urban Waxx. What should it look like? What should it feel like? How do we keep what is dear to us, while still becoming something more polished, more grown up? Suffice it to say, it was a pretty awesome meeting. My head has been spinning ever since.

We are making some big, exciting, changes at Urban Waxx. The core of Urban Waxx will never change. We will always give the best wax you’ve ever had and over the top customer service. We will always provide a warm and inviting, and extremely professional experience. However, Urban Waxx will be changing her outfit a little. We can’t wait to show you all of our new digs!

As always, thanks for the love and support. Without our amazing clients, I wouldn’t be needing a power meeting with Liam and Lexi, and that would just be sad.