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So we have a ton of clients that are hilarious, interesting, and creative. One of these clients, the lovely and talented Sarah Gibson, was chatting me up about a very cute project that she is involved in. It’s called the “Turkey Tracker 2009.” Basically, she and a group of her friends have been having Thanksgiving together since 1998. A few of the guys involved came up with an idea to invent a probe that would be inserted into the turkeys as they cook, and then chart the progress on a website (I know, I know, such a dude thing).

Along with the graphs is live feed of the gang and their Thanksgiving revelry, as well as a great blog, a fan club and pictures of anyone else who cares to post on Flickr. I love the idea because it gives us a little insight into other people’s Thanksgiving proceedings, as well as giving us a reminder that we are all just one big, dysfunctional family. Aren’t we?

Anyway, this year it’s for a good cause as well. They are raising money for the Oregon Food bank. And Urban Waxx is involved as well! Since so many of our clients are involved in the festivities, we decided to donate a $100 Urban Waxx gift card. Want to win? Well log on to www.turkeytracker.com and get all of the details. And have a great Thanksgiving!