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I have a feeling that this is the first in a long line of blog entries about the progress going on in Tanasbourne. Yesterday, the contractors headed over and did the demo. Within a few hours every wall and yucky laminate fixture that was there was smashed to bits and neatly taken away. Wow. Love it. The after is looking pretty…empty! You can see Mindy and the smallest contractor in the world, Stella, in that picture!

Today I met with the contractor and we talked about all things dry wall, electrical, plumbing related, permits…blah bah blah. You get the point. But he did tell me a juicy tidbit: Urban Waxx 2 should only take 30-45 days to be completely finished! Yikes!

By the way, have you ever been to Tanasbourne? Besides amazing shopping, there are great restaurants, gyms, beautiful parks, and the nicest Whole Foods I have ever wandered into. Dare I say it…I love suburbia!!!