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Exciting and wonderful news! After months, literally 6 months of scouring every shopping center in Tanasbourne looking for a perfect spot, we did it! We signed the lease this week, and we are so excited to tear the place down and get busy!

Why Tanasbourne? Well, for those of you unfamiliar with the location, it is right at the edge of Beaverton and Hillsboro. There are tons of new developments, apartment complexes, and shopping centers. What was missing? Well, us of course! We have had such amazing success at our Northwest Portland location that I am very curious to see how a more suburban location will fare. I think it will be fabulous!

I get the keys this Monday, and I will be finalizing plans with my wonderful contractor. He built out the first Urban Waxx, and it was a complete dream, so I have worked with him over the years on all things building related. Then, we demo the existing space (it was a laundromat, and trust me, not a cute one), and I get to put my hot little hands all over the design!

So finally, after months of planning, and negotiating, and fixating, it’s done. I feel relief and excitement instead of insane sleepless stress. It’s an amazing opportunity to bring more fabulous team members and lovely clients into our lives. And that’s a joy.

Stay tuned…there will be pics and updates often. And again, thank you, thank you, thank all of you for your love and support!