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Here we go again, people. I the words of Bette Davis in “All About Eve” : “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” That’s kind of how I feel, except it will be a bumpy 30-60 days. I really feel like I almost forgot what it was like to open a new location. Similar to childbirth, I feel like my brain may have glossed over some of the more stressful details, just leaving me with the beautiful end result. I do recall going into a mild panic the week before I had Dino (number 2). Suddenly labor memories came flooding back. I have been having some “labor memories” regarding opening the salons this week. Scary, exhilarating, surreal, terrifying, insanity…these are all words I would use to describe to open a business. And awesome. Let’s not forget mind blowing, over the top awesome.

So, right around Thanksgiving I was when I first found our next location for UW. I had always thought that Lake Oswego would be our next choice, but I just couldn’t find the right spot. So, I started to scope out SE. When I saw this location, I knew it was right. I got in the car and texted my realtor: “Just found the next location.” We will be located in a newer building on 31st and Division. Our neighbors are Sunshine Tavern and Wafu (checked them both out on Saturday night…awesome). The coolest thing about the new UW? PARKING. Yup, we will have a lot for our guests to park! Yay!

The buildout started today and my very patient and lovely general contractor Scott estimates that it will take 30-45 days. I am hoping that we will open on April 11. It’s pretty unbelievable, really. We will be hiring 4-5 new Estheticians, new front desk people, have new retail lines, and 5 treatment rooms! That’s 2 more than the other locations have!

I cannot wait to share the progress with you! xo