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On to the next adventure! We just signed a lease on or 5th Urban Waxx location yesterday and we are so excited about it! We will be opening at the Timberland Town Center, which is a brand new shopping center in Portland. It is located on Barnes and 118th, close to Cedar Hills. I LOVE it there! As soon as my good friend Ken (he is opening an amazing sausagery in the same center called Clutch) told me about it and I checked out the space I knew it would be the perfect fit for us.

IMG_8233As you can see from my picture, it is not even done being built yet, which is super exciting for me! I love the idea of going into a completely raw space and making it look exactly how we want it to be. Our neighbors will be Barre 3, which we are SO happy about. In the center there will also be a giant Market of Choice, a Pharmaca, Ava Rosteria, and a whole bunch of other very chic, and local, businesses. I was very attracted to the location because they are really doing a lovely job of putting like minded businesses in the center, and I know it will be an amazing shopping/dining/service destination.

Urban Waxx could not continue to grow if it wasn’t for the continued love and support of our incredible guests. It is so humbling that there is so much support for this amazing journey.

I could never do this if I did not have the most fantastic, smart, creative, fearless, and loyal team of women in the entire world. To be a part of a group of 60 (and soon to be more) ladies who are so fantastic really is the most joyful experience that a Lady Boss can ever know. Thank you!