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Well, we had quite the weekend! On Friday Mindy, Adriana, Beth and I flew to Las Vegas for the 2009 Esthetics and Spa Convention. After a day at the pool (I swear we were talking about work), we headed to the gigantic Hilton Convention Center where we were greeted by 600 vendors! Overwhelming? You bet! But we did see some cool new techniques and come home with some pretty great retail!

One of the things that Urban Waxx is now carrying is a terrific numbing serum called, aptly, Numb-IT. While other serums we have tried in the past have only contained 2% Lidocaine, Numb-IT has 5%! And trust me, it really works! Mindy and I put it on our upper lips to test it out and we were still dribbling our lattes an hour later! So imagine how great it would be for a pre Brazilian numbing agent! Check it out on display at Urban Waxx!
It was a great weekend…full of lots of informational classes and demos, product overload, and a little fun to boot! I got a chance to run into celebrity chef Todd English at his restaurant Olives at the Bellagio, we all got a chance to see Adriana in a few hot little outfits and looking amazing, we learned that Beth is a bit of a gambler (penny slots are her forte) and Mindy got to see a few male Brazilian classes, and be assured that her technique is pretty darned amazing!
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