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We had a tremendous opportunity at Urban Waxx in 2020 to take a very hard look at every part of who we are, what we do, and where we are going. We started from the top down and worked for months to identify what was working at Urban Waxx, and what we wanted to change. This was such an exciting time for us- as a business it is very rare that we can pause and reflect, and this time has really clarified who we are at Urban Waxx and who we want to attract.

We also took quite a bit of time revamping our Core Values. As our company has grown and evolved, so have our Core Values, and so, without further ado, here are our new and improved Core Values!


Excellent Guest Service is in our DNA

We take delight in delighting our guests

We all work together toward a common goal of crafting an over-the-top experience for each other and our guests. Together we make magic, create memorable connections, and are famous for friendly service. We don’t settle for ordinary, we strive for extraordinary. Every moment is crucial, we OBSESS over the details, and we never take an opportunity to “wow” for granted. Excellent guest service is the sum of meaningful efforts, repeated day in and day out. We honor the experience and never forget that our guests have endless options to choose from. We want them to not only choose us today but choose us forever! 


We believe in impeccable communication, feedback, and transparency

An integral part of our culture is speaking openly and honestly to work toward a common goal

We are a team that relies on feedback through sincere and uplifting interactions. We are solution-driven problem solvers – instead of complaining, we focus on what is in our power to fix, and don’t get stuck on things that are out of our control. We constructively share information, insight, and advice to manage tough situations with courage and candor. We offer and ask for help and use every opportunity to learn from each other. We keep it real and are collectively allergic to gossip; instead, we believe that when you dedicate your time to the improvement of yourself, you have no time to criticize others. 


We are always learning, growing, and evolving

We believe that complacency deprives us of the opportunity to grow

We are committed to continual improvement and lifelong learning. We cherish any opportunity to learn and take responsibility for our mistakes. We avoid keeping a rigid grasp on our own thoughts and beliefs, knowing that with permission to think outside the box comes the freedom for creative innovation and greatness. There are no excuses, only the promise to do better and be better. Apathy is our enemy. We routinely take the time for exploration and reflection; doing so allows us to achieve larger, communal goals. We understand that believing we can get through hard things will create a resilient, accountable, strong team, who face challenges head on. Our minds stay curious, and we have fun while never stopping to best ourselves.

We celebrate diversity and value our differences

We know we are strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity

We appreciate what each individual brings to the collective experience and cherish the role we play in their journey. We know that diversity drives innovation and stems from unique life experiences, culture, upbringing and individual views. We are devoted to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for every team member and guest, and are consistent in our effort to honor and celebrate our differences. Hate of any kind will never be tolerated; we insist on a culture of respect for all, and realize that words and actions matter. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and understand excellence will never be achieved without diversity.


We believe in trust and giving the benefit of the doubt

Trust within a team is the confidence that those around you are operating with mutual conviction

Trust turns a group of people into a team. To develop trust we must- as individuals -operate with vulnerability, patience, and integrity. We let go of our individual egos, and appreciate the opinions of our fellow team members. We have a short memory when mistakes are made because we are quick to take responsibility. When we trust each other, we build authentic connections and cultivate enthusiastic support. We encourage each other and ourselves to do what’s just and right even when no one is watching; integrity is not optional. We are as enthusiastic about each other’s success as if it were our own. Above all, we are a team.

We Run on Time Integrity 

We realize time and energy are finite and precious 

Time is valuable. We respect it in all aspects. We value all interactions with our guests and one another, always mindful of time; we give it, we honor it and we don’t disregard it. Because our guests have chosen to incorporate us into their busy lives, being punctual and making the most of their time is important to us. We strive to be 100% on time, every time, and in exchange, we ask the same of our guests. We also believe that work-life balance is essential in order to maintain an overall sense of harmony. Time integrity is fueled by energy and exceptional work requires time off to replenish, refuel and rebuild that energy for tomorrow. Our team is empowered to build a responsible work-life model that reflects the needs of their unique lives. In our salons, we are experts at our craft; equally notable, we are students, parents, partners, adventurers, dreamers, and magic makers. Having a balance between professional and personal worlds leads to a happier and healthier team.

We are always in service

Giving without the expectation of receiving is the truest form of being in service

As a team, we possess a serve-first mindset. Each and every time we perform an act of service or ask ourselves: “How can I help?” we shift from me-focused to we-focused. Whether it’s through one small interaction or philanthropic efforts, we get joy out of helping others. We encourage each other to be selfless, ethical, and compassionate community members, dedicated to being in service in all aspects of our lives. We believe in community and collaboration, and understand that if we are all focused on the success of our society as a whole, we will thrive. As a company, we seek to align ourselves with like minded organizations who endeavor to connect and serve our communities. Our collective goal: to give more than we take, and leave the world a better place.

Waxx Happy – It’s what we do!

Waxx happy isn’t a slogan- it’s a state of mind 

 We know the importance of attracting and cultivating happy humans to create the magic at Urban Waxx. We are radical optimists and purposeful dreamers who choose every day to see the good and create the great. We understand that while what we do is wax, what we offer is so much more. We cherish the connections we make with our guests, our community, and each other. We seek to connect, inspire, and bring joy into every interaction in our day, and create lasting relationships that matter. We support each other through dark times and celebrate the light. We thrive together and approach life with gusto. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we find the fun in even the most mundane tasks. We build each other up and if any of us should stumble, there is a team behind them to pick them up.