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So have I mentioned before how much we all love Nicole Flood of Flood Clothing? Yes, I know we have. She is one of the coolest gals I have ever met, her unbridled energy is amazing, and her hats and clothing are as cool as it gets. Nicole will walk in with her giant trunk of hats and it causes a flurry of excitement with our entire team! We all own at least a few of her hats (some of us, like Kim, Jenny and Megan may be getting into the double digits…).

Anyhoo, we just got an amazing new batch of her infinitely adorable creations. And for those of you who say “I don’t look good in hats” I say to you “HA!” You will look good in a Flood Hat. I watched one of our cute clients come out of a waxing appointment and look at the hats and then say “No, I’m not much of a hat person!” Within minutes, Nicole had her in a hat that looked like it was made for her, and she was leaving with a bounce in her step! So much fun!

Oh, by the way, that is the famous Nicole Flood in the pic in one of her own designs. She also makes the most unique and cool clothing, all in recycled material! I just bought the coolest sweater coat on the block. We love her. Seriously.