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I am tired. I mean REALLY tired. Spending the weekend with 15 women wore me out (but in a great way). As I mentioned before, we had our first ever Urban Waxx team retreat this weekend. We closed the shops for 2 days, and I rented a big, rambling, Hobbit house in Gearheart. It was SO cute, and SO much fun.

Everyone headed down on Saturday night and we all got right to eating, chatting, and cocktails. Whipped cream vodka? Who knew that was happening? On Sunday some of us went to the beach, some of us read, we did craft projects, played games, and generally just hung out having a great time. And talked! Oh my, women LOVE to chat. We ate a huge family dinner followed up by more talking and merry making into the wee hours of the morning (that means midnight for me).

Today while I was driving home, I kept thinking how amazing it was that a weekend like the one we had even happened. I mean, I have worked at many places where I would have never even considered spending any time outside of work with my coworkers. No way. Especially not an overnight excursion! I feel so thankful that even with a group of women who are different ages, backgrounds, personalities, everyone really, truly enjoys one another. My sides honestly are sore from laughing!

This was an excellent chance to get away and really get to know the women that work with me. And I can honestly tell you, they are freaking amazing. Thanks for a great weekend, ladies! xo