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I really cannot believe that we have 3 locations. It is almost shocking to think about it when I actually do sit and think, which doesn’t happen too much these days.
Urban Waxx on Division was by far the biggest project that I have ever taken on. It was the first time I ever worked with a General Contractor (Scott from PHI Construction-amazing), first time we ever completely built out a space from a shell, first time we built out 5 rooms instead of the usual 3, first time working with a designer (Lexi Galton from Navy House, again ahh-mazing), first time we did a lot of things. You get the idea. The entire process came together beautifully with only a few hiccups. It reinforced my belief that if you want to be successful you focus on what you are good at. For everything else, you hire the best. I am NOT a designer, or a general contractor. So working with people who are talented and honest is a real delight.

The opening was CRAZY. We had 115 appointments booked. That is a significant amount more than our busiest day at NW, simply because we can’t take any more appointments at NW. We don’t have the room! And even with all of the clients and all of the additional clients coming in to visit, it went smoothly! I almost can’t believe it!

I really want to thank everyone, sincerely, for the continued love and support for Urban Waxx. We have a strong, lovely team that has believed in the Urban Waxx dream since the beginning, and that has made the growth and change so much easier. But without clients, there wouldn’t be a need to grow. We wouldn’t even be open! Our clients, our cherished clients, are the reason that we open our door each day.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.





a footnote: 3 minutes after I posted this blog, all of the computers at Urban Waxx stopped connecting. HA HA HA, Universe. Joke is on me!