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We had a Facebook contest a few weeks or so ago and I wanted to share some of the entries with all of you. The premise was that guest should tell us what they loved about Urban Waxx in 4 words (to celebrate our 4th location). We got SO many great responses. Here are some of my favorites:

Awesome people, no pain!
Patient, reassuring waxing wizards.
You make me beautiful
Calming, comforting, painless beauty.
The BEST “smooth operators.”
Making pregnancy feel sexy.
Feeling AND looking beautiful.
Best customer service ever.
Excellence, bliss, acceptance and care.
Urban comfortable luxury awesome
You’re bringing sexy back
Waxxing done sooooooo right.
Expert waxing done perfectly
Love your own skin
My favorite monthly appointment


I want to add one: Our guests are AMAZING!

It’s unbelievable how wonderful our guests are. Thank you!