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As I discussed in my prior post, I am on the East Coast for a few weeks. While I spend some time eating blue crabs and trying to find the best black and white cookie in New York City (more on that later), I decided to suggest a great blog for you to peruse while I am away.
One of my Delta Gamma sorority sisters (didn’t know I was in a sorority…I know, I know, more on that later), is also an incredibly funny blogger. Her blog is the perfect blend of pop culture knowledge, humor, and nerdiness. I often ask myself if she is looking through my iPod, because she has the EXACT same musical taste as me. I think it’s awesome, my darling husband thinks I’m a complete nerd. Well, opposites attract, they say.
Anywho: check out her blog at Are Friends Electric? And get your pop culture brain charged up!

Do you have any blogs that you love? Let me know!