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We are busy little bees on NW 18th St. We have so many pans on the stove that sometimes I wonder how everything is going to get cooked. But, that’s simple. I ask for help. And lots of it.

Look at the CUTE new bags and gift card presenters that Liam designed. Sigh. I love them. And you should see the the gift cards that go in the presenters. Better yet, you should GIVE a gift card! Or win a gift card! Are you following us on Twitter or Facebook? Because if you are, you will be a part of some really fun gift card giveaways that we are launching. So get on there! See: here is little Miss Mandee Pearson who is one of our clients. She won our first Twitter promo today! She got a $25 gift card just for coming into UW and saying a secret word that we announced on Twittier! Not too shabby!
Speaking, of launching: Liam has been the busiest bee of all. He is crazy nutty busy at work getting ready to launch the brand new Serious Serum website where Serious devotees will be able to buy the luscious stuff online! So exciting! Not to mention that we just got our brand new, BEAUTIFUL bottles in! Only a few…5000! It was quite the delivery!

So many other things too…some are fun surprises and big events! Plus there are always fun events like the crazy Halloween party that we just had (there we all are on the left) and the upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Sorry my darling Alix…we can do a formal cocktail party next Holiday! xo