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As I have stated before, many many times, I love our clients at Urban Waxx. They never cease to amaze me with how cool they are, and how talented. We have doctors, lawyers, bakers, business owners, students, and on and on. We also have one very lovely and talented jewelry maker, Amber McLellan.

Amber has been a client of Urban Waxx since I was solo, and I fell in love with her the first day I met her. She is funny, sweet, and completely adorable. She is a teacher, but she also has a passion for making lovely jewelry. I told her many years ago to bring me a bunch of stuff and we could offer it at Urban Waxx. Well, she finally did and we are all swooning over her delightful little baubles. 
Amber uses tarnish resistant sterling silver and gold plate, as well as beautiful natural gems like smokey quartz, chalcedony, and jade, as well as all kinds of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Her creations are fun and elegant, at the same time! The prices range from $16 to $38, and they are all completely hand made. Fabulous.
All of the money that she makes from the sale of her jewelry will help to pay for her volunteering trip this summer. In Tanzania! Yes, she really is that cool. We heart her jewelry and we know that you will too! We’ll see you soon!