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One of my goals when I started Urban Waxx was I really wanted to use the business to empower women. There are a million ways that I can do that as a business owner: through great service, through creating a safe and positive atmosphere to work, through giving my team an opportunity to make a great living and save for their future, and on and on. I strongly believe that as a business owner, I have a responsibility not only to my clients, but to my employees and to the community. My goal when I first opened Urban Waxx was not to make a million dollars. I mean, eventually that would be pretty nice, but in the beginning, I really wanted to just create an amazing place for our clients, for my employees, and for me. 

One of things I feel strongly about is women getting their financial business together. Nothing draws a blank stare from most women then the question: “So what is your net worth?” So many of my girlfriends have $2 in savings, no retirement plans, thousands and thousands of dollars in credit card debt. I’m no Suze Orman, either, although I do love her show. I have made EVERY financial mistake in the book, from buying a home with an adjustable rate mortgage a few years ago, to opening Urban Waxx only on credit cards ( I know, I know, my accountant is cringing right now). But, at 35 years old, with a daughter and a business, my goal is to put all of those things behind me and really start planning for the future. Nothing calms a person’s soul like having a nice nest egg in the bank.
Enter the fabulous Luna Jaffe from Edward Jones Investments. I saw her speak a few years back at a Ladies Who Launch Live Event. She is very inspirational, in a refreshing, no-nonsense way that I absolutely adore. Luna will sit you down, explain the facts, and make you feel like even your most basic questions arn’t stupid. She is wonderful! We heart Luna.
So, that was one of my 2009 goals: get my team and I signed up for 401ks. Goal 1 checked off the list. 100 more to go!