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Sometimes I feel like I need to revisit what makes Urban Waxx what it is: the wax service. I spend a lot of time focusing on the customer service side of the business and the culture of Urban Waxx (that is a word that will be appearing in quite a few posts over the next few months), but the business itself was created because I love to wax. Through that basic idea, I wanted to have a place that employed other gals who also love to wax. And that’s it. No massage, facials, make-up etc. The reason that I wanted to only specialize in waxing is because I feel very strongly about doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well. I have heard too many horror stories about gals getting waxed in a dingy back room on a questionable table with a questionable waxer. Waxing isn’t brain surgery, I understand that, but there is definitely a technique and a touch that usually comes with lots and lots of practice. That’s another reason that we only wax: we want to be the best at it!

So why am I talking about this again? Because I think it’s important to convey to our clients and readers that we all feel very passionately about one thing: waxing. We love to wax. I think each of the gals have their favorite service to perform, which I always think is really cute and interesting to find out. My personal favorite: the Brazilian. Did I think, 20 years ago, that I would be saying that I love to perform bikini waxes all day long…mmm, probably not. However, I really, really do. My favorite is when we have a new, nervous client who has never been waxed before, and I can turn her into a wax convert. It’s very pleasing. But I really enjoy all of the services that we offer. All of the gals do. It’s fun to wax, to chat with our clients, to see the same faces every few weeks. I love the connection that we can experience with our clients.

I had a wonderful wax with Mindy last week. I have been dreading this Brazilian because I am 38 weeks pregnant and you are definitely more sensitive to pain during a pregnancy. Also, any of the girls will tell you that I am a huge baby when it comes to being waxed anyway. However, after it is complete, I always think: “Wow! These gals are amazing!” I feel like it really shows how much we enjoy what we are doing.

So, what does all of this for you? It means that if you are nervous, or shy, or recovering from a bad wax experience elsewhere, then we are the place for you! We love to wax, and we would love to wax you! xo