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So excited! We reached our goal of 500 followers on Twitter which means that we will be donating AT LEAST $500 to Raphael House. We have teamed up with this amazing non-profit organization and we were so excited to be able to donate to them. So now, any new follower that we get until October 31 will be just extra money towards them!

Side note: Liam and I went to a happy hour that Raphael House was holding last week. It was really fun and great meeting all the wonderful people that did so much for Portland. I did keep on referring to Raphael House as a “charity” until Liam politely pulled me aside and told me he felt that it should be referred to as a “non-profit.” Ahhh. Who knew, right? Thank goodness I have people that are hanging around me that can correct my social gaffes. That Liam. He’s a sharp one!

Anyway, thank you to everyone that has begun to follow us on Twitter! We will be doing contests and promotions in the future, so keep following!