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I think it’s pretty funny that part of my training process with new waxers is that they have to give me a Brazilian wax. I always wonder, as I’m laying on the table, what other jobs require you to see your boss naked. Not too many, I imagine. 
Clients always ask me, “Well who waxes you?” and I always joke and tell them that I go somewhere else. Come on! Of course I get waxed at Urban Waxx! First of all, we are the best wax around. I firmly believe that! But second of all, how could I possibly feel comfortable letting my clients get waxed by a waxer that I have never been waxed by? Oh no! No, I routinely get my Brazilians, and I am always so excited to be reassured that all of the girls blow my mind with how great they are!

I bring this up because yesterday I received a Brazilian from our newest addition, Gina. She is absolutely charming and adorable, and I knew during her training that she was a very talented waxer. So I wasn’t nervous at all. However, as strange as it may seem: I am a HUGE baby when it comes to getting waxed! My pain tolerance is about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. I whine. I fidget. I constantly look at the area being waxed to see how much longer have. I sweat. I complain. Yup, I am pretty much our idea of a “nightmare client.” So, I always tell the gals that I am the worst case scenario. I think that they assume that I am doing it to test them, but really, I am just pretty wimpy.

Yesterday I tried our new numbing serum, Numb-IT. It was pretty amazing. It definitely numbed my nether regions and helped with the Brazilian. And, as I expected, Gina was quick and efficient and in no time I was hair free and on my way. I still think it’s funny that my entire staff has seen my privates, but I guess when you are in the business of Brazilians, it comes with the territory!