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Sometimes we do contests at Urban Waxx. Yesterday we did a little one on Facebook and it was so simple. I asked people to comment on the Facebook post. The question was simple: In 3 words describe what makes you unique.

I LOVE reading what people think makes them uniquely “them.” What do you think makes you stand out from the crowd. If I could describe myself in 3 words they would be: Driven, Intuitive, Resilient.

Here are some of the responses that we received for our contest:

  • Bubbly, outgoing, natural curls.
  • Independent, loyal, FIERCE!!!
  • Silly, Kind, Loving
  • Loving, honest, independent
  • Just being me!
  • First time mom
  • Loyal Caring Auntie
  • Passionate, friendly, caring
  • 6/6/68 Mother Grandmother
  • Loyal, caring, Passionate
  • Funny, sympathetic, and smart
  • Awesome, radical, tubular.
  • Fun, loving and always smiling
  • Passionate, loving, Mom
  • Intelligent, witty, compassionate.
  • Fearless. Kind-hearted. Positive!
  • Intelligent, witty, compassionate.
  • Fearless. Kind-hearted. Positive!
  • Sensitive, empathetic, creative
  • Sarcastic charismatic mother
  • Odd, funny, dedicated
  • My crazy curly hair, and my lack of caring what other people think about me Oh, and my insane ability to perfectly match color sight unseen – I can remember a color in my head and match something to it without having a swatch next to me. Its my superpower
  • Sparkly, Loving, determined
  • Focused. Optimistic. Compassionate.
  • Loyal, foodie, athletic
  • Quirky, sexy, loving
  • Hardworking, clever, bold
  • Dedicated, empathetic, friendly.
  • Stubbly, fuzzy, hirsute… smile emoticon
  • Healer of animals
  • I am the only version of ME, I can touch my tongue to my nose, and I LOVE. Period.
  • swaggy tall chick
  • Obnoxious, Bookworm, Mom
  • Brow game strong
  • Smart, animal-lover & feisty
  • Hardworking, fun, mom
  • Nurse, optimist, wife
  • Calm, caring, giving.
  • Powerful, caring, creative

So many great answers. I love how many people identify as loving. I think if we all felt loving the world would basically explode with heart emoticons!

Peace & LOVE