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Ah, the irony. Imagine a gal who owns a waxing salon and is afraid to have a Brazilian. Can it be so? Yes, friends, it’s true. The main reason that I was so nervous about getting a Brazilian is that I hadn’t had one since before I gave birth. And I mean, way before. I would say it has been a solid 7 or 8 months. That’s too much. Seriously. 

So, after much nagging from my lovely staff and my poor boyfriend, I put myself on the schedule for an appointment with Mindy yesterday. As the appointment approached, I understood again why our clients can be so nervous before they come in. It can be scary. You know it will hurt, you expose yourself to a veritable stranger, you let someone see your most intimate of areas. But as I lay there on the table, chatting away with Mindy, I realized that what I tell my clients every day really is true: It is not that big of a deal! It really didn’t hurt like I expected it to, even after such a long sabbatical from hair removal. Mindy and I were talking and laughing and before I knew it she announced “Last strip! You’re done!” It was amazing!
After she finished, I felt like all of my clients must feel after they have their Brazilians: liberated! Tough! Sexy! All of those things! It really made me feel great about what we are doing at Urban Waxx. I always tell the waxers to get Brazilians from each other so that they can experience what our clients feel. I think it keeps us empathetic. And having my first appointment in a LONG time made me feel so grateful that the waxers are as good as I always say they are. It was a great wax, and I made a promise to myself: NO MORE SABBATICALS!