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Ohmigoodness. So, so, so busy lately. Haven’t had a minute to blog. Let’s chat about what’s coming up for the UW team:

We are getting ready to launch our new, amazing, beautiful, and completely US website. Mark Mcinnis just took all of the amazing pictures, and Liam is building it as we speak. So excited! I really like our current website, but I really wanted something that seemed more…mmmm….more like Urban Waxx. More fun, more zippy. So Liam is on it. I can’t wait to see it.

We are going on our first annual (maybe, depending on how it goes…) Urban Waxx employee retreat. This is something that I have wanted to do forever, but it’s difficult when your business is open 7 days a week. This year I decided to close for Memorial Day and the Sunday before it, so we have 2 days to spend together at Gearhart Beach. We rented the the cutest place: the Lodge at Gearhart Beach, and we will be spending some time eating, drinking, playing games, and basically just being together and silly for a while. I really feel that it’s imperative that a team spend time bonding and socializing in order to really function well. I’m looking SO forward to getting away and getting to know some of the newer gals, as well as spending time with the rest of the team. I almost never get to take my boss pants off and just let loose. The boss pants will be off. Seriously.

In June we are heading to Las Vegas again with the Serious Serum team for the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference. We went last year to rep Serious and it was a great experience. This year, we are doing it all over again! . It’s going to be 3 jam packed days of talking about our wonderful serum, with maybe a little fun mixed in.:)

We are also adding yet another (maybe two) more Estheticians to our staff. I almost can’t believe it! We have been getting so busy at Tanasbourne that we are needing to expand our team, again! I really love that.

That’s all for now! Peace and Love, Peace and Love. (that’s a little Ringo Starr reference…do you know from what? :))