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I’d like to give a little shout out to our new go-to for birthday cakes at Urban Waxx: The Beaverton Bakery. Have you been there? No??? Ok, well put down your laptop and get in your car and drive over to Old Town Beaverton and get yourself some baked goodness. Seriously. The bakery reminds me of every old style bakery that I ever went to when I grew up in New Jersey. It smells like that…buttery and sweet, and the selection is totally like that! The cookies, cakes and other assorted pastries are legit…and delightful.

We have a little tradition at Urban Waxx where the ladies get to pick out their birthday cakes and then on their birthday I arrive with said cake and “surprise” them with it. I giess it was a surprise at one time, but considering the fact that they each tell me what they want in advance, it’s not too surprising anymore. We ALL love cake, and I love doing little things like that for the team. Actually, it’s also pretty self serving because I could eat cake three meals a day and still want more. Besides, it’s bad luck not to eat birthday cake…right? Right?

We have sampled 2 cakes from BB over the past few weeks, a lemon chiffon for Mindy and a lemon poppyseed with cream cheese frosting for Megan. Both were sublime. One bite told me that I would be making the trek to Beaverton 18 times in the coming year. But I don’t mind a bit! The business is locally owned and the best thing is that I can order my cake online and prepay, so all I have to do is sashay in and pick it up! Plus the staff is super sweet (no pun intended).

Beaverton Bakery: We love you so.

Beaverton Bakery
12375 SW Broadway
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 646-7136