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Over the past few years, I have become aware of how much women overuse the word “sorry.” What are we so sorry about all of the time? The other day I was in Starbucks and I bumped into the woman behind me and she said “Sorry!” I had bumped into her! What was she sorry about?

I notice this phenomenon all of the time when women are in the wax room. It seems that women are compelled to apologize for everything from how hairy they are, or that they shaved, or that they are out of shape, or that they haven’t come in for while. It makes me sad. What are we apologizing for?

When JoAnne and I first started working together, and we were training on the computer every day, she would say sorry a lot. Eventually I started asking her “What are you sorry for?” and then she would think for a minute, and then say “I guess nothing.” She barely ever says it anymore. I like that. It seems that saying sorry has become as natural to women as breathing. With every breath we seem to utter our apologies, as if we are trying to apologize for our very being. But why? And again, I must ask: when is the last time that you heard a man saying sorry all of the time? I have known certain men for years and NEVER heard them utter those words.

Listen people, I’m not saying we have to throw the word in the garbage forever. I mean, there is nothing more wonderful than a sincere apology when someone has wronged you. But saying it all the time makes saying sorry seem like a speech impediment. I try to take the power back for the word. If I mess up, I say it. Otherwise, why the hexk are we sorry?