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I think that every business should be clearly defined by a vision. In order to have a truly successful enterprise, it’s imperative that people can see what your concept is. In the case of Urban Waxx, I want our clients to feel what we do and who we are the minute they call us or look at our website. I want them to be able to understand what we are about by looking at all of the little things that make us who we are, from the services that we offer to the retail that we have on our shelves.

So, why do we sell the products that we have at Urban Waxx? Well, the most important reason is that they need to be effective. I need to have used them and fallen in love with them. Some of the things we offer I discovered before there even was an Urban Waxx, like Flood Clothing (met Nicole Flood at the Saturday market years ago) or Jimmy Candles (used to sell Jimmy Candles at the spa I worked at in Charleston). Some of the things that we offer were found recommended by one of my team. Adriana fell in love with the body brushes and loofahs when we were at the Las Vegas Esthetics Show and she convinced me to sell them. Mindy and Megan kept asking me to find a good brow powder so they could finish their client’s brows after a brow wax. And some of the things we sell we made, like the Serious Serum, out of necessity. I had tried every other ingrown serum on the market and I wasn’t happy. So, I decided to bottle our own.

I am very drawn to products that are locally produced, like Pacifica, Flood Clothing, Akala Organics lip balms and our artwork by local artist Brenda Dunn. I love products that are from small, independent businesses, like Pattern Body wash and Royal Hiney. And I especially love products that have lots of uses. You can use the Pattern body wash as a body wash, a facial wash, and as a shampoo! You can use our Serious Serum as an ingrown serum, as a remedy for rough skin all over your body, for shaving bumps on men’s beards, and as a facial exfoliant. I feel like I get more bang for my buck that way!

All in all, we only sell things that we use, we love and that we believe in. If a client purchases something and they don’t love it, well then they can just bring it back for a refund. It’s that simple. But the best thing is when a client takes something home and comes in the next visit raving about it! That’s what we love!