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2020 has been quite the year for everyone. Most of us are probably not thinking about our skin as we enter into winter, but we cannot overlook the importance of taking care of our biggest organ- our skin!

Skin is actually your body’s largest organ by size. Your skin helps keep your body temperature even. If you get too hot, blood vessels near the surface of the skin, called capillaries, enlarge to let the warm blood cool down. Your skin also produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is important for the health of your bones and other parts of your body. Since your skin plays such an important role in protecting your body, you should keep it as healthy as you can. This will help you keep from getting sick or having damage to your bones, muscles, and internal organs.

Do you moisturize your skin every day? If you don’t, you should. Both men and women can find many benefits to using high quality facial moisturizer each day. Moisturizing your face will help you to look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin, and it will keep your skin hydrated. All of these things are important if you want to make sure to look as young as you can in the years to come. However, even though making sure to moisturize daily sounds easy enough, there are certainly things that you will need to keep in mind before you use it.

1. Prevent Dryness
Cold weather or hot weather, air conditioning or indoor heat; did you know that all of these environmental factors can suck the moisture right out of your skin? That’s where a good moisturizer comes in. It not only replaces moisture that’s already been lost but helps prevent future loss.

2. Slow The Signs of Aging
Fact: Hydrated skin is younger-looking skin. You’re thinking, “why do I need to think about that now?”. Because it’s never too early to start preventing future fine lines and wrinkles. And that plump, firm feeling you get after giving your face a dose of hydration is actually helping to slow down the process. You can thank us later!

3. Help Fight Acne
It might seem counterintuitive to add more moisture to already oily-prone skin, but it actually makes sense. Think of it like this: When your skin gets dry, it sends a message to your glands to produce more oil that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. So, if skin is properly hydrated, it can actually help stop it from producing more oil than it needs.

4. Protection From The Sun
We can’t tell you enough how important it is to use a product with SPF, even in colder months. Since dermatologists recommend using SPF every day, why not go for a 2-in-1 moisturizer that contains sun protection?

5. Soothe Sensitive Skin
Got red, irritated skin or dry, itchy patches? Sensitive skin needs extra special care. Look for a moisturizer that has soothing ingredients and low or no fragrance.

So, now that you know WHY daily moisturizing is so important, let us introduce you to our new favorite skin care line: Kubra Kay!

Kubra Kay is an incredible skincare line created by the brilliant Khadidja Toure:

“For as long as I can remember, I always struggled with my skin. It was something that had made me self-conscious. While everyone else was phasing out of the teenage acne years, I was still suffering from horrible skin as an adult. I reached a point where enough was enough. I wanted to start investing in my skin, so like many people, I started buying products that were advertised for my skin issues. For months and months, my skin did not improve. I became more obsessed with getting results, which ultimately continued to foster my insecurities.

I decided to take a new approach. Instead of blindly trusting reviews, recommendations, and advertising, I started researching ingredients. This research led me to travel the world. I went to over 25+ countries to learn about different ingredients and skincare practices that I could incorporate into my routine. By changing small things in my skincare routine, I was finally able to achieve the results that I had wanted for years! I wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as I could! This journey inspired me to launch my skincare line to help people find comfort and confidence within their skin.”

We were SOLD after talking to Khadidja (actually- looking at her skin- it literally glows) and testing out her line. Her skincare is low fragrance, jam packed with incredible ingredients, and very reasonably priced. It is the perfect line for anyone!

Here are some of our favorite Kubra Kay products:

Razor Relief: Razor/ Waxing relief provides instant relief from waxing or shaving.. in our case… waxing!!

Why It’s Special: The anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil softens and soothes skin.
Turmeric helps reduce any scarring, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration.
It can be used after electrolysis, shaving, waxing on the face, neck, underarms, bikini lines, and legs.
Great to pair with the Serious Serum for extra moisture and healing.



Cocoa Butter Cream: A rich & Creamy moisturizer that instantly balances skin and improves the texture and health of your skin.

Why It’s Special: Improves complexion by reducing acne/acne marks & hyperpigmentation. It creates a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture, which is great for balancing oily or dry skin.
The formula is light, creamy, and whipped so you get the benefits of cocoa butter without the greasiness of it




Shea Butter Cream: A creamy moisturizer that instantly brings out the best in your skin, giving you a brightened, youthful complexion.

Why It’s Special:

It nourishes and revitalizes dry, dehydrated skin.
The emollient properties create a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture that lasts hours.
The protective moisture barrier combats environmental toxins and is packed with antioxidants


Vitamin A&E Night Cream: A rich & creamy moisturizer for a balanced and clear complexion.

Why It’s Special:

Vitamin A contains retinoids which are proven to combat signs of aging
Vitamin E contains healing properties that repair and restores damaged skin.
Turmeric helps reduce any acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration.

This cream is a SKIN SAVER! Dull skin, acne-prone, dry- you name it. This cream is for you!



Fruit Night Cream: A rich and creamy moisturizer for a brightened and youthful complexion.
Why It’s Special:

Renews dull tired-looking by utilizing natural gentle exfoliants
The combination of fruit extracts contain properties that extract dirt and tightens pores
It nourishes and revitalizes dry dehydrated skin, and is packed with antioxidants



All these moisturizers are very buildable, meaning they go on light and you can add more as you need. Check them all out at your nearest Urban Waxx or shop online!