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I have talked about Nicole Flood and her gorgeous line of hats and clothing, Flood Clothing, for a while now. She is like a ray of sunshine every time she sashays her sweet self in our doors. I first came across Nicole at her both at Saturday market, before Urban Waxx even existed. I fell in love with her and her super cool hats immediately and vowed that I would one day sell her stuff at my store.
Fast forward almost 3 years later and her hats have been in our store and selling like hot cakes since the first year we opened. Yes, she makes hats and clothing and accessories from recycled clothing, and that’s cool. Yes, she crochets, and that’s cool. Yes, she is a wife and mother of 2 adorable boy kidlets, and that’s cool. BUT, the coolest thing about Nicole is her amazing, loving, powerful energy. As Mindy put it so eloquently last time we saw her: “Nicole Flood is good for the soul.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. She is a whirlwind of positivity, loosely harnessed in a petite package. She is FUN!

Well, we just got our largest delivery of hats from Nicole. That’s right:65 hats. I went a little nutty. This is how it works: she rolls up in her Flood mobile with a giant trunk, or two, of her gorgeous creations. Then, I paw through them with my hot little hands while the other gals are pointing and trying things on and oohing and ahhing. You get the idea. It’s madness. And Nicole has the most intuitive way of figuring out what hat you would look absolutely amazing in! Not a hat girl, you think. HA! She says! I laugh in the face of your doubt! Then she slips on one of her designs and you look in the mirror and Oh Snap! You look adorable! You are a hat person!

Nicole Flood: I tip my Flood hat to you. You totally rock, and we love you! xoxo