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So you have finally decided to book your first wax with us. Maybe you have been thinking about it for a while and decided that today is the day. Maybe you have been going elsewhere and want to see what it’s like at Urban Waxx. Or maybe you have been coming to us for sometime and it was time to get a different service with us. Whatever your story is, you may be feeling excited or nervous about your upcoming appointment, so read on to know what is in your future!

 At Urban Waxx, we try to be as communicative and transparent as we can possibly be.  I feel like there is nothing worse in a guest experience than feeling like you don’t know what to expect.  Have you ever walked into a business and had no idea where to go or what is expected of you?  It feels awkward, right?  We find that the more we can let the guests know what to expect, the more comfortable and confident they feel…especially during the first appointment.


So, you’ve booked your first appointment.  Hopefully, you have looked through our website.  On our site you will see all of the staff bios for every person that works at the salon.  You will be able to get to know your Waxxer a bit more before meeting them, and you will also be able to recognize the person greeting you (we call them GEMs- an acronym for Guest Experience Managers) after reading about them on our site.  If you have questions, you can look through the FAQs page.  We get a lot of questions from new guests, and most of them will be addressed on the FAQ page!

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a GEM.  If it’s your first time, you will fill out a bit of paperwork.  You will be able to relax in our lounge, where you can snack on some trail mix, Jelly-Bellies, or some M&Ms (I mean…snacks are always a necessity…am I right?) We will also offer you a beverage.  If you are over 21, enjoy a mimosa, or red or white wine, or a craft beer.  We also offer hot tea and La Croix…so you have plenty of options to quench your thirst!  If you have some extra time, peruse our carefully curated retail selection.  You may find your next favorite product!

In no time, your Waxxer will come to escort you into the wax room.  We will go over the service with you that you have chosen, and then the wax will begin!

We have found that the service that brings the most apprehension to our guests is the Brazilian.  We spend a lot of time talking about the Brazilian wax, our most popular service.  All of our team is SO familiar with the service that we absolutely love talking about it.  What may seem uncomfortable to some is 100% comfortable for us to talk about…so please ask us questions!

Mostly, people are worried about the pain. Will it hurt?  Well, yes, it will.  As much as we try to be gentle and pain free, we are pulling hair out of the root, and any epilation that removes hair from the root will cause some pain.  However, it is more like pulling a Band-Aid off as opposed to lasting hurt.  It is quick and over in an instant.  In the meantime, we LOVE to connect with our guests while we wax.  That is where we really excel.  Our ability to move past the discomfort or moment of awkwardness and instead focus on the connection and conversation with our guests is something that completely changes the service.  We are here for you.  Do you need someone who cracks jokes and keeps you laughing the entire time?  We can do that for you.  Would you prefer putting in headphones and listening to music or a podcast while you get waxed?  Go right ahead!  This is your time and your experience and we are happy to craft it especially for you!

The wax is over before you know it.  No, really.  We almost always hear a first time Brazilian wax guest tell us how fast it was…how much less painful than they anticipated, how it wasn’t anything to get worried about.  I literally see this type of interaction every single day, and it is always awesome.  It feels amazing to do something that you may be nervous about, and realize that it is actually MUCH better than you feared!  And then, you will be walked to the front desk by your Waxxer (aka your new best friend).  There, we may recommend products for you to take home to make the most of your wax (our favorite product in the world is our very own Serious Serum).  After that, we will recommend when we want you to come back in (yes, hair grows back!) and then you can schedule your next appointment and be on your way.  SMOOTH SAILING (pun intended).

When people tell us they are afraid to wax, especially to wax the Brazilian, we get it.  Of course we do.  We wax all day every day, but we still understand the feelings attached to jumping up onto a table with a stranger, and getting undressed.  It can be very intimidating.  Please remember, we do these ALL day long.  We have seen it all, answered all of the questions, and I think collectively, our team is at a place where nothing surprises us!  And…we LOVE what we do.  Sincerely.  When I am waxing and I have an entire day of Brazilian waxes in front of me, I feel so much joy.  I know that I get to wax a whole bunch of people who are probably feeling unsure or nervous, and I get to make them feel totally comfortable and confident and much, much better.  That is a real gift!!!

So, if you are reluctant to schedule a wax because you feel awkward or uncomfortable, please know, we are here to change your mind!  We love waxing.  We love talking about waxing.  We love answering questions and more than anything, WE LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GREAT ABOUT THEMSELVES!

Make your summer appointment today. I promise you won’t regret it!