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Our third location of Urban Waxx came to the Eastside of Portland in April 2012. Located in the trendy Southeast neighborhood on 31st and Division, this location is the perfect place to get your best wax and enjoy a bite to eat at some of the coolest bars and restaurants in Portland. We couldn’t be happier that we brought our unique brand, over the top guest experience, and unparalleled waxing skills to the Eastside. Check out Urban Waxx Division today!

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx Division

3103 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

Division Team

Raichelle P


This fiery redhead is very Irish and proud of it (she gets it from her mama). Raichelle is the proud mother of a very sarcastic, witty, energetic 8-year-old son named Evan. Raichelle is full of life, and you will always find her on the dance floor! Her life goal is to be on the show Survivor (and win, of course) but she is deathly afraid of sharks, and yet she wants to go cage diving with Great Whites! Raichelle is not only a giant fan of the Walking Dead and she drank beer out of the Stanley Cup (she says it tasted like Bud Light and glory) but she is also an ordained minister! She has already married four couples!

Susan Hattman


Susan moved to Portland in 2008 from Santa Cruz, CA, with a bike and no money in her pocket. She lived in random rooms in random houses until she settled into her friend’s home for 2 years. Fast forward, she is on her own and has a car! Yay! When Susan is not waxing, she is playing the bass, probably covering a Nirvana song. She was in a band with her brother for 2 years and playing live music is still something that she really loves. Susan has a BA in Modern Literature form UC Santa Cruz, and she is also a huge movie nerd! She especially loves 1970s and 80s horror flicks. Susan loves pub quizzes and trivia nights, and she absolutely loves playing cards and other games. Her dream is to tae a summer long road trip around the US, possibly with her pit/spaniel mix puppy, Lola.



Chelsey is obsessed with Beyonce, so much she cried at her concert. That is one of many reasons why she fits in perfectly here. She is currently in school at OSU for physiology and chemistry but has a love for the warm weather so she hopes to move away from the rainy climate in the future. She loves dancing, music (she attends concerts as often as she can), and fashion. Yoga is a huge interest of hers and hope one day she will become a professional yogi. Chelsey has managed to have torn her ACL four times (ouch!). Sushi is her choice of food. She believes she is incapable of cooking so going out to eat is always on her agenda.

Deborah G


This native Oregonian and Portlander is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Her Hogwarts Houses are Gryffindor and Slytherin, and her Patronus is a bunny. A bunny with large ears, bulging red eyes, nasty sharp teeth and razor sharp claws…very scary! By the way, if you understand those last few sentences, you are also a true Harry Potter fan! Besides indulging in the Harry Potter world, Deborah has three kids, twin girls and a boy, and a bunch of animals named after food: Bean, Olive and Peaches. Deborah is certifiably good at three things, but she can only reveal one-driving. In her spare time, she studies Physics and French and she believes that nothing is impossible!

Jade Phenix


This Bay Area Native, has a fraternal twin, but apparently the doctor lied because they look so much alike! Jade loves being on the water, in fact she has a pool in my backyard! Bonfires are her go to stress reliever. Jade is married to the love of her life, Joshua. These lovebirds met 4 years ago, and the rest is history. They are the proud owners of a sweet toy poodle, Sophia, and a German Shepherd named Eva. Traveling the world is a main priority of hers! The next destination is Greece!



Savanah is a native Portlander and she is also an art student at Portland State. The beach is Savanah’s absolute favorite. She loves to sing, and she is a big fan of bike riding, yoga and hiking. She has a hidden talent (she can lick her own nose) and she is also prioritizes her friends and family above all else. She wishes to be a teacher, and she should! She is so sweet and kind any student would be lucky to have her.



Rowan is the perfect blend of sweet and tranquil, with a little dash of quirkiness mixed in. She is not only a wonderful addition to our GEM team, she is also a model. She is a vegan and a passionate animal lover (dogs especially), and she is the proud mom to a super cranky cat. She loves to volunteer, and she also loves all music. Rowan also loves to find great deals whilst thrifting, and she enjoys walking around downtown and exploring.

Alix Z


A little bit of sugar and a whole lotta sass, that’s what Alix is made of! A native New Yorker and pre-Portlandia transplant, Alix has been a part of the Urban Waxx family since 2009 and has brought the same level of cheer and enthusiasm to work with her ever since. She prides herself on making the waxing process as empowering, quick, and painless as is possible, leaving her guests smooth and smiling. Alix’s welcoming and wise-cracking demeanor quickly put even the most nervous newbies at ease. Behind the scenes she takes great pride in putting all of her skills to use as a Continuing Education Trainer for Estheticians at Urban Waxx. Away from work, Alix’s passions include Roller Derby, live music, exploring, glitter, and her beloved goofy dog Bonz. Alix has shifts at the Northwest and Division locations, so call today to let her put your waxing worries to rest!

Mallory O


Mallory is and Esthetician and a hairstylist, and she is obsessed with fashion, make up and natural beauty care products. She is from a very small town on the Oregon Coast (less than 2000 people), and she loves the outdoors. When Mallory was growing up she was an avid Equestrian and also a ballerina, she also loves cats, running and yoga. Mallory is allergic to nuts and absolutely loves seafood…any kind is her favorite. Mallory has two amazing sisters, Sky and Josie, that she is very close to. We are so happy to have this sweet ray of sunshine as a part of the Urban Waxx team!

Anna M


Anna loves being an Esthetician because she wants people to love themselves and feel good about the way they look. When she is feeling blue she plays with make-up, and she also loves to go on hikes. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, and she loves to read. She believes the book is always better than the movie! Anna has 3 black cats that have all been strays, she has been a vegetarian for most of her life, and when she wants to own a farm where she can have as many animals as she wants. Anna also wants to own a Pomeranian one day so she can buy it lots of cute little outfits.

Jevon P


This Native Oregonian (and Native American) has 4 dogs (3 whippets and 1 Italian Greyhound), and she is a HUGE sports nut. She watches every Blazers game, plays fantasy football, and has season Ducks tickets. Jevon has been married to the love of her life for over 10 years, and she loves anything to do with home décor. She also loves rap music, and has seen just about every rapper in concert. Jevon is crazy about Disneyland, and she visits it every year with her best friend. She also recently visited Disney Tokyo! Jevon is obsessed with cute animal videos, and dreams of someday acquiring a pet fox / deer / raccoon / squirrel / own or any woodland creature (just like a Disney princess!) She also loves documentaries/podcasts/autobiographies and anything that lets her into someone else’s life. That’s probably why she is SO great with our guests and such a talented Waxxer!

Wren T


Wren is a lot of fun and really brave! She loves to spontaneously break into dance or break out the hula hoop. And while she is terrified of heights, this gal’s biggest dream in life is to free dive with great white sharks! Yikes! She moved from Florida to Portland, and definitely likes to challenge herself. Her 2 current projects? She’s currently teaching herself to speak German, and attempting to write a book!

Alli S


Alli was born and raised in San Diego and moved to Portland in 2015.  She loves to be around people who inspire her and who can teach her new things.  She also loves to ride her motorcycle around the Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend.  Her goal is to visit all 50 states…she only has 15 more to go!  In her spare time she loves to make her own skincare products including deodorant, bath bombs, soaps and toners. She also brews her own Kombucha!



Ina is originally from the tropical island of Guam. She absolutely loves animals and wants to adopt as many animals as she possibly can. She also has a dog named Koa. Ina’s favorite food is pizza and she really enjoys to bake and cook. In fact she wants to travel the world and do all the food challenges! She LOVES to eat anytime/anywhere/anything! Ina is currently trying to get her accounting degree.

Elle C


Elle is a native to Portland and considers herself a cat and plant lady! The Oregon Coast is her happy place when she isn’t eating brunch at Broder in Portland. She loves interior design, ancient alternative history, and reading (especially on a cozy rainy day). Outside of waxing, she has an interest in healing arts and alternative medicine. If Elle were to treat herself to a sweet her first choice would be Justin’s Peanut Butter cups!

Nicole W


Nicole was born and raised in Hawaii and recently moved to Portland.  She is a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, and her favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.  Nicole loves the Whole Bowl for lunch, and she loves tea…coffee makes her crazy!  She dreams of visiting Morocco and seeing a hot air balloon in Turkey.  She also wants to start taking archery! Maybe she’s been inspired by all of her GOT viewing!

Jessie Ferretti


This lady is a mamma to two fur babies. She is real lover of ALL animals, and actually volunteers as an adoption counselor for a local dog rescue! She grew up in a small town in Northern California, and enjoys hiking, exploring, and would swim in the river everyday if she could. Jessie has recently taken on a new hobby of roller skating. She enjoys riding motorcycles and hopes one day she will have one of her own. Jessie is obsessed with vintage furniture, decor, and jewelry. She holds her family and good friends very close to her heart.