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The beautiful valley of Eugene is the backdrop for Urban Waxx’s fourth location. It will always hold a special place in our heart, as it was our first location outside of the Portland area. We love Eugene’s warmth, open attitude, its thriving community and we just knew that we had to be a part of it. Urban Waxx Eugene is located in the middle of downtown next to The Barnlight and Sizzle Pie. Our guests are welcomed to park at the Overpark Garage on 10th and Oak, we validate! GO DUCKS!

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx Eugene

944 Willamette St
Eugene, OR 97401

Eugene Team

Tawni H


Tawni is a Virgo who loves warm hugs and iced coffees. She is a mom of 4: 2 children and 2 Chihuahuas. Tawni’s favorite color is orange and she is a Harry Potter fan (House Hufflepuff). Tawni also loves Wolverine from the X-Men, and she is into every type of music. She loves candles and wax cubes, and she is a total sucker for corny/funny movies.

Jasper M


Jasper is an Oregon native and grew up all over Lane County which has made her fall in love with camping and kayaking and anything outdoorsy. Her dream is to travel the world and her first stop would be Reykjavik, Iceland. She is a mamma to a 4 year old corgi chow mix named honey bear, who she loves to cuddle with while she watches her favorite cartoons and video games. A few of Jasper’s favorites are coffee, micro brews and really spicy food. When she isn’t waxxing at Urban Waxx you can find her nose in a book and her hands in the dirt gardening even though she says she not someone with a green thumb.

Tori Knight


Tori has a lot of things that she is super passionate about! She loves being in the Pacific Northwest so she can do so many of her favorite things. She loves off road adventures, and she loves to go on long walks and hikes with her dog (also known as her child). Food is her favorite! Victoria is also a tattoo freak and loves tattoos of all kinds! Victoria is with her high school sweetheart and she is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves tanning and make-up and she loves Harry Potter books!

Nikky L


Nikky is a California native. She is originally from Humboldt, CA where the redwood trees are, and she loves where she is from. Nikky loves to have adventures whether it’s taking a random trail and seeing where it may lead, or finding new beaches to spend the entire day soaking in the sun. She loves the ocean. Nikky loves to work out and she is a member of international fitness, and she is working on having abs for the first time in her life. Nikky’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her friends and eat junk food and watch TV shows. She is also a total people person and loves meeting new people and hearing their stories, and she is seriously considering going to nursing school in the future.



Desiree is born and raised in Oregon but her favorite place to be is Louisiana. She has a huge fear of always being late and her life motto is “Keep it Zen”. When she isn’t booking your appointment, she is out adventuring for unique sticks for her handmade wall hangings that she makes and sells. Her favorite show is The Office and favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. Desiree is one of 3 siblings. She is the oldest, the shortest and she also claims to be the funniest.

Mekeala L


Mekeala is a sweet little ball of energy and so ready to deliver expert waxing to you. She is super active; she loves to play soccer and tennis, she was a cheerleader in high school, and she loves the outdoors and camping. Her obsessions are Café Yumm (so good), Dutch Bros., and chocolate milk, and she loves to binge watch Netflix. Mekeala is a serious believer in spirits and ghosts, and she loves going to abandoned buildings and houses. Her life goal is to explore Europe, and her biggest inspiration is her younger brother, Kenan. I see a family trip in their future!

Kayla L


This Southern belle is SO much fun and full of life! She is expressive and outgoing and very charismatic. Kayla loves sci-fi everything…books, movies, etc.…and her favorite band is Florence + The Machine. She loves hiking with her family and exploring Oregon and she has a son, Axel, who is a complete doll! Kayla is a lipstick hoarder and a cat lover and she has a 3-legged cat. She was born and raised in Louisiana and her favorite food is Southern Cajun. She makes Gumbo every winter. She also loves tacos and can eat them every single day. Kayla is a total night owl and her favorite time is night. She loves cuddling up to watch Netflix…with her favorite snack: Extra Toasty Cheez-its and apples!

Loryn B


Loryn is a total foodie, specifically anything including including carbs. Pasta and ice cream are on the top of her list and coffee comes in for a close second. Her favorite kind of coffee is any that has more creamer than coffee. You will find her most happy when she is either at the coast or restaurant hopping to try new foods. Red lipstick is her favorite accessory and most of her closet is made up of the color green.  If her ultimate dream came true, you would find around 1,000 dogs in Loryn’s apartment. She really enjoys music and attending concerts. She has created a list of bands that she wants to see live and enjoys slowly checking them off.

Julia E


When Julia isn’t slaying waxes here she may be watching her favorite disney movies on VHS at home. She has been with her high school sweetheart for 8 years and some of her other loves are shopping in thrift stores, her two pet rabbits, listening to her favorite artist The Weekend, and eating sour patch kids. She is able to lick her elbow and prefers to drive manual transmission cars. You can say Julia is a women of all trades. She used to do competitive rifle shooting for 7 years and was a lifeguard for 5 years.



This University of Oregon graduate has lived in Eugene all her life and is the youngest of three. She has played tennis since she could remember and still loves it to this day. Kristina has biked along the coastal highway for about 20 miles but has never been out of the United States and plans on Ireland being her first destination. Reading is her way to escape and Harry Potter is her go to, she reads the series every year. She loves mashed potatoes, classical music, and platypuses, that she knows way too much about.



This San Jose, California native is not just a gifted Guest Experience Manager, she is also an Ordained Minister! She was ordained by the Universal Life Church. She is also a University of Oregon student and she is an advertising major. She absolutely loves art and you can almost always find her outside on a hike! Tiffany is a total foodie and she is also a fan of experimenting making original craft cocktails. Tiffany is also an animal lover and she is very passionate about being in the service industry!