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Fisher’s Landing

Our first Urban Waxx location outside of Oregon is in the thriving East side of Vancouver. We are so excited to bring our passion for waxing to Washington to share the Urban Waxx experience. Come visit us at Urban Waxx Fisher’s Landing and see what Vancouver has to offer!

Tuesday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx Fisher's Landing

16415 SE 15th St #106
Vancouver, WA 98683

Fisher’s Landing Team

Team Fishers Landing Vancouver Waxing Salon



Fall is Jessica’s favorite time of the year and she loves to treat herself to a good cinnamon roll. Cats are her favorite email and her biggest pet peeve is people who don’t cover their mouth when they sneeze. The 1975 is her favorite band and the first concert she ever attended was Bad Sons. This sweet gal was also born on Friday the 13th. When Jessica isn’t dazzling you at Urban Waxx you can find her shopping at Sephora, watching The Office (Dwight is her all-time favorite), and playing her favorite video game Assasins Creed.

Vancouver Waxing Salon Esthetician

Alyssa B


Alyssa moved to Vancouver from Michigan and is loving everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In all situations, she would rather be hiking but if you don’t find her there, this gal will be at the beach. If not those two places, she would rather be gardening or traveling! This dog momma has 3 dogs of her own, including TWO great danes and one sassy Jack Russel. She rarely says no to trying new things, and can’t physically walk past a dog without petting it. Some of her favorites include coffee, all things iridescent and Jolly Ranchers!

Vancouver Washington Esthetician

Deborah G


This native Oregonian and Portlander is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Her Hogwarts Houses are Gryffindor and Slytherin, and her Patronus is a bunny. A bunny with large ears, bulging red eyes, nasty sharp teeth and razor sharp claws…very scary! By the way, if you understand those last few sentences, you are also a true Harry Potter fan! Besides indulging in the Harry Potter world, Deborah has three kids, twin girls and a boy, and a bunch of animals named after food: Bean, Olive and Peaches. Deborah is certifiably good at three things, but she can only reveal one-driving. In her spare time, she studies Physics and French and she believes that nothing is impossible!

Vancouver Waxing Salon Esthetician

Dawn W


Dawn has a favorite motto and it is “Keep on Keepin’ On!” This lady is a huge hockey fan and she also loves to stand up paddle board and kick-box. Dawn was raised in Portland although she lived in LA for several years. She moved back to the area in 2016 and we are so glad to have her! Dawn has one son who is a college student and she is very family oriented. She really enjoys get together with her family and friends. Dawn is a big music fan…she loves country music, Pink, Maroon 5, and she loves to go to concerts and see live music. Anything water is Dawn’s calm. Beaches, rivers, lakes…she loves them all!

Hope C


Hope was born and raised in Vancouver, WA. Her love for adventures makes the PNW the perfect place for her. She has a passion for makeup, animals, makeup, and nachos. When she isn’t working, hiking up a mountain or spending the day at the beach, she loves to find time to open a book. She is always exploring the city for new thrift shops and restaurants to try. Her favorite season is Fall and her favorite holiday is Halloween.



Phoebe is a mom of two by day and an artist by night. She has a love for anything artistic including crocheting, weaving, and art. She is currently studying Web Development and Design online and formerly studied herbal medicine. Phoebe recently made the move from California to the PNW to enjoy the lush forests and beautiful mountains. She enjoys plants and being outside as often as possible. Her passion for empowering women has lead her to run local meetups that focus on empowering female friendships.