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Northwest 18th

Our flagship salon was opened in the Slabtown neighborhood in October 2007. On the corner of NW 18th and Marshall, in a bright yellow building, is where you’ll find us. Urban Waxx is conveniently located near unique shopping, fine dining and hip lounges and bars. There is no better place than Urban Waxx Portland to relax, enjoy a beverage and get the most comfortable wax you can imagine. Schedule an appointment at Urban Waxx Northwest Portland.

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx NW Portland

1036 NW 18th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Northwest 18th Team

Diane D


Like most Pacific Northwest residents, Diane is a sucker for the fall because it means all of her favorite things – football season, sweaters and boots! She spends her free time tasting her way through town, venturing into new restaurants and scoping out really great wines. Prior to becoming one of Portland’s best waxers, she was a schoolteacher and has her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Oregon State University – go BEAVS! Diane enjoys playing tennis, boxing, golfing and traveling to warm places with her three kiddos.

Sierra T


This little lady is just about as sweet and gentle as they come. Sierra was born in sunny Arizona, but moved to Rhododendron, Oregon. She is totally obsessed with dachshunds, although she currently is dog-less but does have a cat names Ruth who thinks she is a dog. Sierra absolutely loves coffee, and has a coffee tattoo and eventually wants to own her own coffee shop! She also loves documentaries. In her free time she loves to explore the mountains and the Pacific NW with her high school sweetheart!



Cody says that her spirit animal is a hummingbird, and that makes total sense once you meet her. She is full of energy and always filling the salons with her positive spirit. While she is not making our guests feel totally at ease, she is pursuing her fitness goals as a Barre 3 and a kickboxing instructor. Cody’s favorite things are brunch and happy hour, and she also loves going to the drive in for movie time (as long as they aren’t scary). Cody backpacked around New Zealand by herself for 10 weeks, and she also hiked to the top of the Colorado Rocky Mountains 4 times! Cody loves, cats, concerts, butternut squash, coffee and beer!

Mallory O


Mallory is and Esthetician and a hairstylist, and she is obsessed with fashion, make up and natural beauty care products. She is from a very small town on the Oregon Coast (less than 2000 people), and she loves the outdoors. When Mallory was growing up she was an avid Equestrian and also a ballerina, she also loves cats, running and yoga. Mallory is allergic to nuts and absolutely loves seafood…any kind is her favorite. Mallory has two amazing sisters, Sky and Josie, that she is very close to. We are so happy to have this sweet ray of sunshine as a part of the Urban Waxx team!

Sydnie H


This Canby native is an avid reader, and she loves Harry Potter. She also enjoys anything having to do with make-up…it is one of her favorite things ever! Sydnie also loves rap music, even though one of her very favorite bands is Maroon 5. She is also obsessed with crime shows, even though they scare the living daylights out of her, she cannot get enough! Sydnie is always on the lookout for a good new restaurant, and her favorite things to eat are sushi and spaghetti. In her spare time she loves to snuggle her two German Shepherds, Tango and Kilo.

Reed V


Reed is obsessed with all things beauty, especially lipsticks, and maybe that is because she is the oldest of 2 beautiful sisters. Reed is outgoing, funny, kind, social, down to earth, easy going, always optimistic, and ready to dance at any time, especially to hip-hop and rap music. This Oregon Coast native is a mama to her precious pup Maybel, and the most important thing in the world to Reed is spending time with her own Mama! Reed’s mother is her hero. Reed has SO many hobbies! She loves to cook and watch basketball with her boyfriend, hike, workout with her best friend, shopping, adventuring in PDX…you name it! Rain or shine, ice cream is Reed’s absolute favorite and she would eat it every day if she could. Salt and Straw is her go-to and the place to find her in the summer (and really anytime).



Savanah is a native Portlander and she is also an art student at Portland State. The beach is Savanah’s absolute favorite. She loves to sing, and she is a big fan of bike riding, yoga and hiking. She has a hidden talent (she can lick her own nose) and she is also prioritizes her friends and family above all else. She wishes to be a teacher, and she should! She is so sweet and kind any student would be lucky to have her.

Stephanie B


This Portland native (who has also lived in France!) is an outdoor girl. An avid hiker, a skier (since she was 3 years old), Stephanie loves the freedom of exploring new outdoor adventures. But as a resident of the rainy Pacific Northwest, Stephanie makes the most of her indoor time too. She loves cooking and baking (especially with avocados and chocolate), enjoys reading books and watching some good scary movies.

Jevon P


This Native Oregonian (and Native American) has 4 dogs (3 whippets and 1 Italian Greyhound), and she is a HUGE sports nut. She watches every Blazers game, plays fantasy football, and has season Ducks tickets. Jevon has been married to the love of her life for over 10 years, and she loves anything to do with home décor. She also loves rap music, and has seen just about every rapper in concert. Jevon is crazy about Disneyland, and she visits it every year with her best friend. She also recently visited Disney Tokyo! Jevon is obsessed with cute animal videos, and dreams of someday acquiring a pet fox / deer / raccoon / squirrel / own or any woodland creature (just like a Disney princess!) She also loves documentaries/podcasts/autobiographies and anything that lets her into someone else’s life. That’s probably why she is SO great with our guests and such a talented Waxxer!

Anna M


Anna loves being an Esthetician because she wants people to love themselves and feel good about the way they look. When she is feeling blue she plays with make-up, and she also loves to go on hikes. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, and she loves to read. She believes the book is always better than the movie! Anna has 3 black cats that have all been strays, she has been a vegetarian for most of her life, and when she wants to own a farm where she can have as many animals as she wants. Anna also wants to own a Pomeranian one day so she can buy it lots of cute little outfits.



Cassandra is super bubbly and friendly! Cassandra is a proud mama to 2 cats, whom she loves very dearly. She also has a deep love for all things Lana Del Rey. Cassandra also really enjoys old movies, especially anything starring Audrey Hepburn or anything made by Disney or Pixar.



This native Oregonian enjoys everything about being outside but has quite a love for what California has to offer! She hopes to live her dream and end up there on day! Not only is this sweet gal a people person but she loves animals too! Mikaela’s hobbies include listening to country music and writing. Her favorite sweet treats are ice cream, cookie dough bites and iced caramel macchiatos.

Alicia C


She is a second generation Mexican American and is a mamma to two baby kittens named Louis and Celine. She is a big fan of Miley Cyrus, Japanese food, and the color blue. Her favorite time of the year is fall but a pumpkin spice latte isn’t her choice of drink. She prefers a warm cup of tea over coffee. Alicia can recite almost every Frank Sinatra song and is a lover of all musicals. When she was ten she taught herself how to ride a bike and never felt cooler.

Janelle J


Miss Janelle is our resident comedian. This nutty Olympian is hilarious, is excellent at impressions (ask her to sound like a Minnesotan) , and she is always making funny faces without even realizing it. Janelle is very superstitious (you MUST knock on wood only 3 times), and lady bugs are her good luck charms. She also loves famous quotes and sayings, and when she is not waxing she is laughing and/or dancing. Janelle will keep you cracking up the entire time she’s waxing you to perfection.

Robyn C


This family gal loves being a mother to her 5 year old daughter, Sydney! She loves all animals, and has owed a plethora of different types (but never reptiles). Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, running, outdoor adventures, going to concerts with friends,playing the piano and singing. She likes to live a more natural/organic lifestyle, loves Hot Springs (Britonbush is her go-to), and she participates in the Portland naked bike ride every year! On top of all the fun she does for herself, she loves volunteering and working with seniors and people with disabilities. She was a hairstylist for 7 years, but awhile back she decided to take on the waxxing world!



By day, Dominick is dazzling our guests with his stellar guest service, but by night, he transforms into Syra St James at the world famous Darcelle XV, one of the country’s longest running drag performance! Dominick considers himself a full-blooded Aquarian. He loves rainy weather, hates spiders, and is a make-up fanatic. He enjoys spontaneous adventures and he loves hiking, but he is not a fan of the bugs. He will eat just about anything and he really enjoys short walks to the fridge.

Alix Z


A little bit of sugar and a whole lotta sass, that’s what Alix is made of! A native New Yorker and pre-Portlandia transplant, Alix has been a part of the Urban Waxx family since 2009 and has brought the same level of cheer and enthusiasm to work with her ever since. She prides herself on making the waxing process as empowering, quick, and painless as is possible, leaving her guests smooth and smiling. Alix’s welcoming and wise-cracking demeanor quickly put even the most nervous newbies at ease. Behind the scenes she takes great pride in putting all of her skills to use as a Continuing Education Trainer for Estheticians at Urban Waxx. Away from work, Alix’s passions include Roller Derby, live music, exploring, glitter, and her beloved goofy dog Bonz. Alix has shifts at the Northwest and Division locations, so call today to let her put your waxing worries to rest!

Dauvia C


Dauvia is very kind and humble, and can be a bit shy at times, but her sweet and sunny disposition is guaranteed to make you smile and set you at ease. She is a major foodie and she loves to cook and bake. She is also a mom and she absolutely loves being a mother. Dauvia also enjoys drawing and painting and she loves to chill and watch movies. She is also an explorer and she loves to learn about different cultures, eat spicy food, and her hobbies are dancing and working out.