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Urban Waxx’s eighth location was brought to Tualatin in the Nyberg Woods Shopping Center. Perfectly placed in suburbs of Portland, this is your one-stop shop for all of your needs. Easy to access from I-5, this bright and airy location is the perfect addition to the suburbs. We are so excited for Urban Waxx Nyberg to bring our love for waxing to Tualatin.

Tuesday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx Nyberg

7015 SW Nyberg St
Tualatin, OR 97062

Nyberg Team

Adrienne H


This Portland native is currently attending school to study Family Therapy. She is also a big advocate for mental health and bringing down the stigma. Her favorite hobby is getting to know people and her other hobbies include, dance, reading, and admiring art. Her favorite color is red and her favorite candy is Red Vines. Adrienne has a welcoming aura and loves to laugh. Not only is she a Gemini and takes astrology very seriously but her soul is stuck in the ’90s in regards to fashion, music, film, and art.



Trinity’s name is from the Matrix (1999 original). She is a mamma to her dog Murphy and cat Jub Jub. Some of her favorite things to do are head to the mountain to snowboard and eat pasta. She is excited to embark on a new chapter of her life and attend PSU. She has been in three parades and has had the same best friend since Kindergarten. Now their dogs are best friends as well.



Nicole was a Phoenix, AZ gal that made the move to Portland with her other half, Anthony. She is an amazing family photographer and is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Elementary education. She is a big chocolate chip cookie connoisseur but Reese’s sticks are her favorite. She loves exploring the outdoors and bringing her Golden Retriever along with her.

Tualatin Waxing Salon Esthetician

Mariah C


Mariah was born and raised in Oregon and has never left the west coast. She has only visited Washington and California. She loves Thai food, the smell of roses, and watching Marvel Movies. When she needs a little time for self-care she loves to shop and do her own nails. Her favorite colors consist of pink, orange, purple and black. She has a tattoo of a Taco and all of her friends call her taco!



Chelsea grew up on Whidbey Island and has been enjoying her move to Portland. This Scorpio soul loves to thrift, eat good food, and listen to podcasts. Currently, her favorite restaurant in Portland is Aviv. Her favorite color is pink and she hopes to one day adopt a pit bull. Chelsea has also hiked the Camino de Santiago which is a 500-mile trail across Spain.

Portland Oregon Esthetician

Sydnie H


This Canby native is an avid reader, and she loves Harry Potter. She also enjoys anything having to do with make-up…it is one of her favorite things ever! Sydnie also loves rap music, even though one of her very favorite bands is Maroon 5. She is also obsessed with crime shows, even though they scare the living daylights out of her, she cannot get enough! Sydnie is always on the lookout for a good new restaurant, and her favorite things to eat are sushi and spaghetti. In her spare time she loves to snuggle her two German Shepherds, Tango and Kilo.

Beaverton Waxing Salon Esthetician

Peyton R


Peyton was born in Eugene and has lived in Oregon her whole life. Although she loves living in the PNW, she would love to soak up the sunshine on a daily basis. She is very interested in Astrology, enjoys collecting crystals, and loves to learn how to read birth charts. You can find her always exploring for new places to visit. She is a dog mom to a pup that she has had since she was 10 years old. Peyton loves to attend concerts and music festivals. Get her an iced coffee or any sour candy and you will be best friends.