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Urban Waxx’s oasis in the suburbs is located just down the road from The Streets of Tanasbourne. We nestled our 2nd location into this suburban neighborhood in June 2010. Urban Waxx Tanasbourne is pleased to offer paramount guest service, posh products and unparalleled waxing right in the heart of Beaverton’s busiest shopping and dining district. We are surrounded by shops and restaurants galore, but there is no better place to get the smoothest wax in town!

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

Urban Waxx Tanasbourne

9313 NE Windsor St
Hillsboro, OR 97006

Tanasbourne Team

Chelsea B


This Portland native love to travel. Chelsea has lived in New York City and has traveled to 5 foreign countries. Of all places she has traveled, her favorite was Italy, which makes sense because her favorite food is pasta and loves to cook. When she craves a good meal in Portland, her favorite local restaurant to go to is Bamboo Sushi. She studied Interior Design, and shoes are her guilty pleasure. Chelsea love to get out and be active. Some of her favorites include running, camping, hiking, and swimming.

Corrie B


Corrie is so full of life and love! She is mom to Madison and Allison, her greatest joys. This Oregon native is also super proud to be a ginger…she was part pf the world record for most redheads in one place at Pioneer Square. Corrie loves all water…oceans, streams, lakes, pools are her happy place, and she feels the most peaceful at the Ocean. It’s her grounding spot. Corrie can start to dance anywhere…if the music is good…and she loves to sing even though she feels her voice may not be American Idol worthy. Corrie says she wakes up every day read to inspired and inspire others. She wants every one of us to live our best lives!

Skye W


This lady is a lover of the season fall and has a year round love for coffee, a Chestnut Praline Latte to be exact. She has a 3 year old son named Sage and a 10 week old kitten named Kai. On her spare time she loves to explore and go on adventures around Portland with her son and his dad. Some of Skye’s favorites include art, shopping and, reading.



This lady was born and raised in Oregon. She attended OSU and graduated with a Psychology major  She plans to enroll in OHSU to get her doctorate in Neuropsychology. Can you tell science is her passion? When she has free time she loves to travel. Places she has been includes, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and a handful of other places. She is a disney freak! Jessie has been to Disneyland over 20 times and has a disney tattoo. She is a coffee addict and her preference is an iced sugar cookie from Dutch Bros.



Don’t be fooled. Tiffany does not have two photos on here. That is her twin Kayla. Tiffany loves reading romance novels, is obsessed with the season fall and her favorite colors are red velvet and steel blue. This lady has a creative soul. She hopes to start her own fashion line, has her own YouTube channel, loves cooking, and is happiest with paint brushes in her hand. She fears the deep end of pools, and her escape is music and God.

Janelle J


Miss Janelle is our resident comedian. This nutty Olympian is hilarious, is excellent at impressions (ask her to sound like a Minnesotan) , and she is always making funny faces without even realizing it. Janelle is very superstitious (you MUST knock on wood only 3 times), and lady bugs are her good luck charms. She also loves famous quotes and sayings, and when she is not waxing she is laughing and/or dancing. Janelle will keep you cracking up the entire time she’s waxing you to perfection.



Nikki is super spunky, and she has a wonderfully quirky personality! She has a great sense of humor and she enjoys puns and making them. Oregon is the state she calls home, and she loves all things outdoors: hiking, camping, etc. Nikki is Filipino/American, and she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She loves wolves, tigers and bats but she has a phobia of trophy animals! Nikki loves all things Harry Potter, and her favorite show is The Walking Dead.

Katherine M


This native Oregonian has changed her hair color more than she changes her nail color. She is the youngest of 5 children, and she kills it at Super Nintendo. Katherine’s favorite animal is a turkey (to love, not to eat), and she recently tried to give up coffee. It only lasted a day. She also worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii. She is truly dedicated to the art of Esthetics. In lieu of a dining room table Katherine and her Esthetician roommate opted for an Esthetics chair so they can wax each other in the kitchen. Who needs food when you can be smooth?

Diana V


Diana moved to Portland from Las Vegas with her boyfriend and their doggy Komari a little over a year ago and they are loving life in the Pacific Northwest! Diana loves exploring all that Oregon has to offer: the beautiful outdoors, all of the great foodie spots, coffee houses and breweries, and she is a huge fan of sushi, so she is always on the lookout for a new sushi spot. Diana is a kind and very passionate Esthetician, and she is obsessed with all things beauty. She loves skin care products, especially masks of any kind, and she loves make-up! One more thing that Diana loves: Hello Kitty!

Claire L


A hopeless romantic who’s been lucky to live her storybook ending with her high school sweetie, Claire and her husband welcomed three new additions to their happy home in December 2015! They became parents to triplets, identical twin baby girls and baby boy! As you might imagine, her life has become three times as full! Claire has lived in Oregon for most of her life and enjoys exploring the outdoors. Claire loves to camp, read and cook, and she cannot wait to share her passions with her family! Not to mention, when books are involved so is her other obsession, a hot cup of java! In addition to being a bookworm and coffee lover, Claire is passionate about her two kitties that round out her family unit!

Bailey G


Bailey loves waxxing! So she fits right in to our Urban Waxx family, but when she’s not at work you’ll still find her active around Portland. Whether it’s heading to the local shopping center, coffee shop or new restaurant, Bailey is always keeping herself busy. She also loves all the music venue’s Portland has to offer, and she’s from sunny Southern California, so she of course loves short trips to the beach!



This bundle of joy has an identical twin! I guess you could call her a fitness lover with a twist of clumsy. She tore her ACL from her long boarding phase she went through and has sprained her pinky toes a total of 11 times! When she isn’t brightening your day at Urban Waxx she also works at Villa Sport at the front desk! Kayla is a left handed perfectionist, yes she spent 3 months in Jr. High trying to get her handwriting as perfect as possible! When Kayla isn’t brightening up work she is studying psychology, baking apple pies and enjoying all the food that Portland has to offer.

Lindsay G


This Oregon native loves watching sports, especially baseball and the Olympics. Lindsay’s dream is to see all 50 states before she dies. So far she has visited 10 and there is 40 more to go! Going to concerts is her absolute favorite thing to do on Planet Earth. She will stop at nothing to go to one! Her first one was Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, and she cannot wait to add more to her list. Lindsay loves history…reading, movies, documentaries, artifacts etc. Her favorite era to learn about is WW2. She has never seen Star Wars, and she has never eaten a Big Mac or a banana split…which results in being told she is un-American every single time! Lindsay’s current favorite hobby: making body scrubs in her kitchen.